Meet Spots!

This soon to be big girl is adorable! She plays with her foster's (very patient) dog-trained cat, and other dogs. She is showing signs of being great watch dog, and loves respectful children and has endless energy. She has basically housetrained herself. The wrinkly face shows that daddy had a lot of Shar-Pei in him.

She has been fostered from the age of three weeks, along with Momma (who may already be placed, due to her excellent temperament! She is a collie cross). Spots is about nine weeks old and thoroughly socialized showing no signs of aggression. This girl is a chewer. Her foster pawrents deal with this by providing appropriate chewies, and it has worked like a charm!

Spots would work well in a busy multi animal household with kids, too!

We found Spots currently being cared for by Sheltered Paws Dog Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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