Meet Kody!

Kody is around 4 years old. He is housebroken, crate trained, heartworm negative, neutered and up to date on shots. Kody has a special wiggle dance he does when he is happy, his entire hind end wiggles around while he dances his excitement.

He is a very affectionate boy, who enjoys plenty of snuggle time - but still enjoys playing. He does well with other dogs and ignores cats. The vet thinks he was either hit by car when he was young or has a slightly 'off'' backend. It doesn't slow him down, he just appears to walk on his toes and sits straight legged. Kody would do best in a home without small children.

We met Kody through Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

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Meet Tiramasu!

Tiramisu and her sister Empanada were going to be euthanized at a shelter that doesn't adopt out pit bull or pit mixes. Their mother is thought to be a pit bull, but they look more like chocolate labs mixed with German pointer.

Tiramisu is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

We found Tiramisu currently being cared for by The Sula Foundation in New Orleans, Louisana.

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Meet Doug!

Doug is a senior who came from Texas, and by all accounts is a real sweetheart! He'll be 9 in July, and is finally going to have a home to call his own.

He isn't as fast as he used to be and probably won't need any Ferrari parts, but don't let him fool you, he still got a lotta life in him. Not only are seniors the most special group of greyhounds, but those that have never known a home are even more deserving.

We found Doug currently being cared for by Greyhound Pets of America/Nashville in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

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Meet Splice!

Splice is one handsome 8 year old purebred boxer boy. He is a flashy reverse brindle (tiger brindle) with a docked tail, natural ears, and weighs about 68 lbs. He needs to put on some weight, but is a gentle giant who is an absolute dream to walk. He is housebroken, crate-trained, UTD on shots, heartworm negative, and micro-chipped. He gets along with his other boxer housemates and is now feeling at home enough to play out in the yard with some of the younger "kids."

He is shy at first, but once he get comfortable with you he is ready for lots of ear rubs and tummy rubs. He is good with other dogs, men, women, and older children. We don't know about cats.

If you're looking for an older good-looking boxer boy to welcome in the new year, and who has lots of goods years left to love you, come meet Splice.

We found Splice currently being cared for by Mutts -n- Stuff in Saint Charles, Missouri.

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Meet Sasha!

Sasha is a wonderful, happy older Lab mix who obviously had a good home in her younger years. She may be 9 years old (as of 5/4), and is a beautiful girl with a super shiny coat. She is house-trained and sleeps on her bed. She still has plenty of energy (but not too much) and loves to play with her tennis balls and chase a Frisbee.

She is great with everyone she meets, but is a good watchdog when new people come to the house. She loves to ride in the car, or even just sit in the car when we aren't going anywhere...we wonder where she's dreaming of going! Sasha is very good with the other dogs in her foster home, too, which have been energetic puppies of various ages and a middle-aged Lab. Sasha is very smart and is very food-focused.

We met Sasha through Paris Animal Welfare Society in Paris, Kentucky.

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Meet Ruby!

Ruby falls in love with everyone she meets and loves to greet everyone with a hug. She's got big brittany love wrapped up in a tiny little package. Little Miss Ruby weighs in at 28lbs, some of which she can stand to lose. She is a bit of a counter surfer, but is too small to actually reach the counter tops so she is more of a browser. She is quite spunky and acts much younger than she looks.

She loves to run around the yard, making sure no birds land in it. If you're looking for a great companion, look no further than Ruby.

We found Ruby currently being cared for by American Brittany Rescue, Inc., in Earlville, Illinois.

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Meet Lilly!

Look in those eyes. How could anyone resist? Lilly's story is a common one. Most likely picked up as a puppy from a free to good home ad she found herself in a loving home. But after awhile Lilly became old news and her family no longer cared for her. Constantly ignored, when all she wanted was a few minutes of attention a day.

Years later Lilly's family decided they did not want her anymore and would get a new puppy, and just like that Lilly was out the door. Lilly is a 10 year old beagle mix who desperately needs a home to spend out her final golden years.

We found Lilly currently being cared for by the Animal Rescue Fund in Muncie, Indiana.

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Meet Grandpa!

Grandpa is a senior poodle/terrier mix who was abandoned at the shelter by his owner. He is having a very hard time dealing with this and grieving for the loss of his previous home.

We found Grandpa currently being cared for by the Anderson Animal Care and Control in Anderson, Indiana.

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Meet Mac!

It's Senior Dog week here at Rescue Me! They're housetrained, over the chewing phase, what you see is what you get, and they are ready for love!

Meet Mac, one of those rare jewels that show you that sometimes an older dog is exactly what you need. He has gotten over all that puppy silliness and has settled into his role of protector and companion. He's spunky enough to go for a walk but is settled enough to snooze away the day waiting for you to come home from work. Mac has lived with children and cats and has done well with both. He would love to have a family of his own to watch over.

Mac is a big boy that weighs in at over 100lbs. He is neutered and up to date on vaccines. He is also heartworm negative and is micro chipped. Mac's approximate date of birth is 11/22/00.

We found Mac currently being cared for by a foster family with Bellwether Harbor in Fremont, Michigan.

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Meet Kato!

Kato is a Canaan/Pit mix, 1 1/2 years old. He is black and white and weighs 48 pounds. His former family could not care for him anymore and did not have the time to play with him as he needed. He is a very playful boy, loves his toys and his time out.

We met Kato through Pinellas County Animal Services in Largo, Florida.

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Meet Linda!

Meet Linda, a gorgeous 8 month old female Cane Corso. She is already spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Linda is so excited to be in her very own forever home.

We met Linda through Almost Home Animal Sanctuary in Limekiln, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Motor!

Motor is a 6-month old Black Mouth Cur in need of a home. He was turned over to a shelter by his owner who could no longer keep him. He is neutered, UTD on shots, and HW neg. He is a sweet, sweet boy that just wants to please. He is good with kids and other dogs. We are not sure about cats.

Motor is a typical active puppy, but understands correction and is working on not jumping up. He walks nicely on a leash. He weighs about 40 lbs at 6 months and can be expected to be somewhere around 60 lbs when full grown. Motor is a nice boy that will make a great addition to just about any family.

We found Motor currently being cared for by Arkansas Southern Dog Rescue in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Meet Kofi!

Kofi is a super-sweet boy who we picked up from Chicago Animal Care and Control in January. We were drawn to his goofy personality as much as his majestic size!

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a heartworm infection shortly after intake. We were devastated when we heard the news, but fortunately we were able to find great foster parents for him and they have waited patiently together through several months of heartworm treatment. We're happy to report that Kofi is now heartworm-negative and ready to find a new home!

Sweet Kofi is a big boy at around 100 lbs and very strong on leash! Due to his previous exercise restrictions, he has not had many long leash walks and is still learning how to behave properly on leash. He is also entering our "School's for the Dogs" training course starting in mid-June to polish his training skills! His adoptive person or family should be prepared to continue his training.

Kofi is dog-friendly but has not been tested with cats. He would be suitable for a home with older (sturdier) kids - his size makes him a little bit intimidating for tiny tots!

We found Kofi currently being cared for by New Leash On Life Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

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Meet Magic!

Not much is known about Magic, but he is up to date on all of his shots. His rescuers believe he is a Boykin Spaniel, Dalmatian mix.

We found Magic currently being cared for by Recycled Paws Inc., in Lexington, North Carolina.

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Meet Dempsey!

This is Dempsey. He's kinda shy but really cute! He would love to be taken to some doggie classes so he can gain some confidence. Dempsey would best with kids that are ten and older.

We found Dempsey currently being cared for by Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Meet Levi!

Levi is a one year old, 38 lb Bearded Collie mix puppy. He is male, already fixed, and is good with people, kids and other dogs - especially if those dogs want to play! We don't know about cats but we his rescuers can certainly test him.

We found Levi through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington, DC.

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Meet Kamaria!

Kamaria is 17 months old. She is crate and house trained. She is current on all shots. She doesn't like like small children. Would be best in a home with teenagers or no children at all. She gets along with other dogs of about the same size and non alpha. No cats. She loves to play with the other Basenjis.

We found Kamaria through Americas Basenji Rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Meet Melody!

Melody is a gorgeous American bulldog. She's got one blue and one green eye. She was found as a stray and is very loving.

Melody gets along with some dogs but not others. She's around 9 months old and would do best in a home as an only dog. LOVED being around kids. She needs some work on a leash, especially since she's a big girl.

We found Melody through All Breed Rescue and Adoption, Inc., in Griffith, Indiana.

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Meet Honor!

Honor is a doll who loves going for walks and can't stop smiling now that she is safe!

She is one of five flower girls ranging in age from six months to two years and all of these Akitas, are wonderful examples of the breed. They are happy while they patiently wait for their forever homes. No matter where life takes them, they will always be beloved members of the Village of Rescue and so we are listing them all together.

We met Honor through Midwest Akita Rescue Society in Chicago, Illinois.

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Meet Tatiana!

Tatiana is a lovely black girl that we think is about 6 years old. She is a little shy when she first meets you but rapidly becomes a love. She is spayed, all immunizations, heartworm clear and housebroken. She is easy going and likes other dogs and cats.

We found Tatiana currently being cared for by the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue
in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Meet Timber!

Timber is 7/8 Pyr, 1/8 Akbash, neutered male. Pure white, (except for the mud), very large, will be X-large when finished growing. We are playing fast catch up with him in regard to vetting, walking on leash, riding in car. Timber is a sweet natured boy, gets along well with cats, kids, other dogs, ok with strangers.

He is settling in and being assessed, but so far, no major vices, baggage, or behavior issues noted. Not his fault he was never taught anything, but is a quick study, eager to please, and willing. He's so smart he may even be able to help you look into programming jobs, if that's your interest.

Timber needs to go to a home where an x-large, giant dog will be welcome, with experienced Pyr or Akbash family. At 16 mos, he is 31' tall at shoulder, 45' long from nose to base of tail, weighs 107 lbs & he will grow until age 3.

We met Timber through the National Great Pyrenees Rescue in Beacon, New York.

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Meet Tatiana!

Tatiana is a lovely black girl that we think is about 6 years old. She is a little shy when she first meets you but rapidly becomes a love.

She is spayed, all immunizations, heartworm clear and housebroken. She is easy going and likes other dogs and cats and you won't need to look into loosing any lbs. with efedrine, she'll keep you in great shape!

We found Tatiana currently being cared for by the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Meet Fern!

Meet Fern, one sweet girl! She will make an excellent addition to any family! Fern came to the shelter as a stray and she is now looking for a family she can call her own. This little dog does not appear to shed but will need grooming.

Fern seems to have a very good idea about house training here at the shelter, but we would recommend crate training with her. Fern is good with everyone she meets including children and she gets along well with other animals. She is about 2-3 years old.

We met Fern through the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo, Iowa.

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Meet Candy!

In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month this June, we are showcasing four-leggers of a different kind on Rescue Me this week - dog friendly kitties!

Candy was born in 2005. She's a brown tabby with beautiful darker black markings. She would be a lap kitty, good with other cats or dogs, she would be a great family pet. She is microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/Leukemia.

We found Candy currently being cared for by St. Francis Animal Rescue Refuge (SFARR) in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Meet Phillip!

In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month this June, we are showcasing four-leggers of a different kind on Rescue Me this week - dog friendly kitties!

Phillip is a very handsome guy. He is a short-haired orange kitty that loves to be the center of attention. He has very distinct ears that, because of their shape, require cleaning fairly regularly. Phillip likes other cats and doesn't give dogs a second look. Phillip has an awesome personality and would very much like to be a member of a family that is equally awesome.

We found Phillip currently being cared for by Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky in Owensboro, Kentucky. SparKy is a local, not for profit, no-kill, animal rescue. It takes a unique approach to animal rescue through the utilization of "foster homes" to house the animals.

These foster homes provide the animals with a loving environment in which their needs are fully met. They also allow the foster parents to asses the temperament of the animals, as well as their individual needs, thus ensuring that the best permanent home possible is found.

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Meet Gooha!

Gooha is an absolutely gorgeous and sweet four-year-old all white cat waiting for the perfect home at the Save-A-Pet Adoption Center in Grayslake, Illinois. Gooha means deaf in Polish and she doesn’t let her deafness bother her.

She lived for a short period in a home with dogs, both small and big ones, and got along with them very well. She seems to enjoy other cats as well. She can be quite talkative at times and loves people.

We found Gooha currently being cared for by Petraits Pet Photography in Chicago, Illinois.

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Meet Josh!

Josh was born on 2/6/09 he is absolutely gorgeous. He is in a foster home with other cats/kittens, dogs, and children. He is a very sweet, playful, happy, and healthy little guy.

We found Josh currently being cared for by Mutts N Stuff Small Dog Rescue in Rancho Cucamonga, California. They are an all volunteer organization, rescuing small dogs from shelters and finding them homes. They operate solely on donations and receive no government funding. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and they desperately need fosters who can temporarily care for a dog until it is adopted into a permanent home.

For more information about Josh, click here!

Meet Emerson!

In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month this June, we are showcasing four-leggers of a different kind on Rescue Me this week - dog friendly kitties!

Emerson enjoys people, and is the first kitten to greet you every morning. He loves to tumble and play with his brother and sister, but he’s a real softie! He has a bobbed tail.

Emerson and his siblings are 5½ half weeks old and are active and playful . The kittens are eating kitten food and using a litter box. They have been in foster care since they were 8 days old and have been exposed to children, other cats and dogs. The foster family has worked on daily socialization, and these babies will make a wonderful addition to your family.

We found Emerson currently being cared for by Texarkana Animal League, Texarkana, Texas.

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Meet Radish!

In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month this June, we are showcasing four-leggers of a different kind on Rescue Me this week - dog friendly kitties!

Meet Radish, a beautiful American Curl. His ears are just absolutely adorable and he has all the personality traits desired in the breed. He will be ready to go around 3 months of age as he's been a little slower on his development. He started out as a very shy boy, but now goes bounding through the house curious about everything! He is a beautiful orange tabby with spots on his side.

He loves to lick his foster mom's fingers and "chat" with her when she gets home. He has a tiny meow but alot to say! He is a little intimidated by other cats at first but quickly gets over that. He does not like his ears being touched so no young children please. He gets along with dogs once the initial hissing is complete (which is a whole 5 minutes worth). He loves to be carried around, upside down, flopped over a shoulder, splayed out in a hand... however he can! He is just the funniest little creature to watch!

We found Radish currently being cared for by Finding Fido in Tempe, Arizona.

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