Meet Phillip!

In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month this June, we are showcasing four-leggers of a different kind on Rescue Me this week - dog friendly kitties!

Phillip is a very handsome guy. He is a short-haired orange kitty that loves to be the center of attention. He has very distinct ears that, because of their shape, require cleaning fairly regularly. Phillip likes other cats and doesn't give dogs a second look. Phillip has an awesome personality and would very much like to be a member of a family that is equally awesome.

We found Phillip currently being cared for by Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky in Owensboro, Kentucky. SparKy is a local, not for profit, no-kill, animal rescue. It takes a unique approach to animal rescue through the utilization of "foster homes" to house the animals.

These foster homes provide the animals with a loving environment in which their needs are fully met. They also allow the foster parents to asses the temperament of the animals, as well as their individual needs, thus ensuring that the best permanent home possible is found.

For more information about Phillip, click here!