Meet Sasha!

Sasha is a wonderful, happy older Lab mix who obviously had a good home in her younger years. She may be 9 years old (as of 5/4), and is a beautiful girl with a super shiny coat. She is house-trained and sleeps on her bed. She still has plenty of energy (but not too much) and loves to play with her tennis balls and chase a Frisbee.

She is great with everyone she meets, but is a good watchdog when new people come to the house. She loves to ride in the car, or even just sit in the car when we aren't going anywhere...we wonder where she's dreaming of going! Sasha is very good with the other dogs in her foster home, too, which have been energetic puppies of various ages and a middle-aged Lab. Sasha is very smart and is very food-focused.

We met Sasha through Paris Animal Welfare Society in Paris, Kentucky.

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