Meet Timber!

Timber is 7/8 Pyr, 1/8 Akbash, neutered male. Pure white, (except for the mud), very large, will be X-large when finished growing. We are playing fast catch up with him in regard to vetting, walking on leash, riding in car. Timber is a sweet natured boy, gets along well with cats, kids, other dogs, ok with strangers.

He is settling in and being assessed, but so far, no major vices, baggage, or behavior issues noted. Not his fault he was never taught anything, but is a quick study, eager to please, and willing. He's so smart he may even be able to help you look into programming jobs, if that's your interest.

Timber needs to go to a home where an x-large, giant dog will be welcome, with experienced Pyr or Akbash family. At 16 mos, he is 31' tall at shoulder, 45' long from nose to base of tail, weighs 107 lbs & he will grow until age 3.

We met Timber through the National Great Pyrenees Rescue in Beacon, New York.

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