Meet Jacobi!

Jacobi is a playful, energetic boy who is a natural comedian and intensely devoted to his family. He loves to play with squeaky toys and romp around in the yard, but he's also a fan of crashing on the couch with 'his' person to watch TV at the end of the day.

He's goofy and eager to please, well-mannered in public, and a great low-maintenance buddy to have around the house.

Crate trained and housebroken, Jacobi also responds to sit, down, stay, here, shake hands, and kennel. While he is well-behaved other animals and coexists with them in his foster home, he is best suited for an only-pet home where he doesn't have to compete for attention.

Jacobi is on the small side for a Presa and will probably top out around 95-100 lbs.

We found Jacobi currently being cared for by Animal Action Rescue in Decatur, Georgia.

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