Meet Jimmy!

Jimmy is an absolutely lovable dog with a great temperament who wants to be with and please his people at all times. His zest for life and everything is easily transferred to training. His motto is "will do anything for food!" Jimmy spends most of his walks off-leash as we live in a rural area. He has a very good recall and while he likes to check things out he is very good about not going too far and checking in.

Jimmy's on-leash walking is coming along well too. Jimmy is great with other dogs and of course loves all people! Jimmy does chase our barn cats (who won't be needing the best diet pills anytime soon), but has met indoor cats and he was very good with them. He would do fine in any home with kids, cats and/or dogs. Although he is energetic, he does love to curl up with his people and sleep for hours as well.

Jimmy has been working at obedience and is doing really well!! He's quick to catch on! He will make someone a fantastic pet!!

We met Jimmy through New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon, SK.

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