Meet Soapy!

Meet Sorpressa aka "Soapy"! She is a 6 year old black tri Aussie that loves her people. She is around 50 pounds. Right now Soapy has a full shave, but her coat should grow back in a few months without any issues. It does take Soapy a bit of time to get to know people, but once she does, it is all belly rubs and love! You may want to look into whole life insurance for Soapy to keep her happy and healthy all her life.

Soapy does not get along with other animals though, so she needs to be the apple of her new owner's eye without any cats or other dogs around. She is crate trained and housebroken, as well as ok with older children.

We met Soapy through Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline in Union, Washington.

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