Meet Costello!

This very beautiful and very serious young man is Costello. About two years old, Costello is an American Bulldog/ pit mix. Costello was a bait dog. His body is covered with scars. His muzzle was taped shut, so he could not fight back when the other dogs attacked him. He has endured things most of us could not imagine.

When Costello came to Bark Ark, he was so afraid he couldn't walk- he had to be carried in and out. He was waiting for the next terrible thing to happen. Gradually he began to stand taller and walk and even play. He was beginning to believe he was safe.

Now he is in a loving and supportive foster home, and everyday is getting better for him. Costello is ready for a home, but a home that will understand where he has been and how far he has come; a home that will give him the chance to continue healing. If you have a big heart and a lot of patience, this sweet boy is waiting for you.

We found Costello currently being cared for by a foster home with Bark Ark Bully Rescue in Cincinnati , Ohio.

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