Meet Morgan!

Watching this active fifteen year old Brittany trotting across the yard one would never suspect his life almost ended earlier this year. Morgan was surrendered to NBRAN when his owner had to go into an assisted living facility and he could no longer care for his dog.

Shortly after coming into foster care Morgan developed a blood clot in his spine and was found lying on the kitchen floor, paralyzed. He spent five days on IV`s and blood thinners and surprised everyone, including the Vet, by starting to walk again. Then he had a stroke which caused loss of mobility on his left side.
Morgan never gave up and today he has to be walked on a leash if he isn`t in a fenced area because he moves quickly and is interested in exploring everything he sees. He has a remarkable zest for life and loves people, other dogs, and even cats, having brought one with him when he moved from Pennsylvania.
2009 update: Morgan is now nearing his 17th birthday and although he is totally deaf, his eyesight is fine and he still is very active, eats his meals with gusto and a low warning growl to any dog who tries to swipe food from his dish.

We found Morgan through the National Brittany Rescue Network in Greenfield, Indiana.

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