Meet Mr. Pibb!

This wonderful little terrier is phenomenal! Descended from British terriers, his breed was originally known as the Broken-coated Toy Terrier. Originally this breed used to be only blue and tan in coloration, but shades of red were introduced following crosses with Cairn Terriers.

Mr. Pibb is about 9 months old with a height of about 10 inches and a weight of 10 lbs. His hair is red and black , typically hard and straight. He is an absolute sweetie. He will need a fenced backyard to run and play. He is not fully leash broken and will need a tad more socialization. He is young and in the best of health. He gets along very well with other dogs .

He is a tad bit skiddish initially but has incredibly endearing qualities. At the end of the day- he loves to stay close and cuddle. He is not yet housebroken because he has been kenneled outside. However, this would be easily accomplished because his preference is to do "it" outside . He can be crated without complaint. If you are looking for a loving, gentle family pet please give Mr. Pibb your utmost consideration.

We found Mr. Pibb currently being cared for by Homewood Rescue For the Wayward Hound
in Bivalve, Maryland.

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