Meet Paddington!

Paddington, is a snuggle bunny. She is very loyal and wants to be with her human 24/7. Even though this sweet frail little girl is 18, her puppy or baby bear like face fools everyone into thinking she is a puppy. Paddington is deaf but has good eye sight. Because she is deaf, she does not bark. She is very smart and watches me & the other dogs in my pack for clues of what is going on.

Even though she is sharing a house with 5 other dogs, she would rather them not be around. So Paddington needs a special person who will love her to pieces till the end of her life without any other animals. Paddington has arthritis. But with Rimadyl every 12 hours, she walks almost without any indication she has joint pain.

Paddington's little tail wags more and more everyday. She is glad to be alive and lives for snuggling, kisses and my gentle doggie massages. If you think you are that special person who will shower her with love and affection and tend to her elderly needs, please consider Paddington.

We met Paddington through MidCities Humane Society in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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