Meet Raion!

With a quick glance, a little woo and a kiss or two, this hunk wins hearts in record time. However, like many a star, Raion was down and out, until he caught a lucky break. This young boy has had a rough start in life but, his spirit remained strong, so he was named Raion which means Lion in Japanese.

Raion, who is only about 18 months old, was found as a stray in western Michigan. The county shelter had very limited funds and little could be done to find homes for the dogs. Lucky for Raion, he was spotted by a shelter volunteer. Despite being dirty and matted, she saw his inner beauty and character. Beneath the tangled mess was a charming, friendly boy who loved people.

A MARS volunteer offered to get him out of the shelter, someone on the East coast offered to pay for grooming and vetting, someone else in the Mid-Atlantic was willing to drive twelve hours if no one close by could save him, another volunteer offered to foster him. Raion was going to get a second chance. But he was going to need a major makeover; his coat was so matted and dirty that the only option was to have him shaved. He spent a few days at the clinic and quickly stole the hearts of the staff.

All that matted fur was hiding the fact that Raion had some problems with his rear legs. A tall boy, his back legs were very straight and his knees might have had surgery. We do not know for certain if he had surgery, but what we do know is that with good food, supplements and gentle exercise he is gaining some strength and building muscle and he won't need a quinny buzz stroller to get around. While he will not be an athletic Akita, he is a very happy and good lookin' Akita!

We found Radio currently being cared for by the Midwest Akita Rescue Society in Chicago, Illinois.

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