Meet Sophie!

Sophia is an unbelievably sweet and silly girl who we transferred from Chicago's Animal Care and Control. Her owner had tied her up outside of the shelter with old contact info on her tags, and when the person on the tags was contacted it was revealed that he had given her up years ago to someone else and didn't want her back.

There's something special about this girl that touches people's hearts. When she first joined NLOL, Sophia had entropion (rolled-in eyelids) involving her bottom eyelashes and terrible coat and skin. After some plastic surgery and a few weeks of quality food, she is doing great and can see without pain again! Sophia is a remarkably healthy bulldog mix and the only chronic issue she has is dry eye, which will require eye drops for the rest of her life.

Sophia loves to play with her boarding pals, but sneaks off to a corner for some quiet napping time when she's had enough. So far she gets along with just about everyone and would most likely do fine in a home with other dogs. We have not tested her with cats yet but would be happy to do so for a potential adopter. As Sophia is a more mature girl, she would probably be a decent fit for an adopter who works away from home. All she wants is a good belly rub and lots of hugs - easily provided before and after work!

We met Sophie through New Leash On Life Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

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