Meet Bonita!

This is Bonita, She is about 12 pounds of silly!

Best estimate is that she is a Rat Terrier/Corgi mixed breed. She has the markings and head of a Rat Terrier, but the legs and ears of the Corgi. She seems to display some of the temperaments of those two breeds as well, but as with any mixed animal with an unknown history, it is purely a guess!

Bonita loves to go for walks, car rides, playing fetch and snuggle! She really is a great multi purpose dog. Very laid back if needed, but always ready to play! She is a really sweet little dog that craves your attention, and is quick to remind you to keep petting her if you stop! She does well with other dogs and cats, and seems to like children as well. Everyone that meets her instantly falls in love with her gregarious personality.

We found Bonita currently being cared for by Kalamazoo Animal Rescue in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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