Meet Chico!

Chico is a beautiful 2-year-old male Golden Retriever who is in search of a new home. Due to an unfortunate financial situation, Chico had to be surrendered by his original family.

He weighs in at a lean 65 pounds and his favorite possession is his tennis ball. He'll play with it with or without help. Like most goldens he is constantly trying to please people around him, and he loves to play.

Chico's previous family had four children, and he has been very friendly to the neighborhood kids. He hasn't had any problems in the house. We can comfortably leave him alone during the day without any concern. Chico's future family should be ready for some exercise. He has quite a bit of energy (typical of a 2 year old), and he needs to get daily exercise to be a happy boy.

We found Chico currently being cared for by Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon.

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