Meet Reina!

Reina is seven months old, born on November 18, 2008. She is up-to-date on all medicals, spayed and chipped She is your typical Bull Terrier puppy. She is housebroken and readily whines or scratches at the door to let you know when it's time for a potty break. She readily accepts crate time with no barking, whining or scratching.

She already knows to sit for a treat. She is learning "leave it" and "drop it" but the key is to catch it in time! Being a pup, any home will need to be "puppy-proofed" as she loves to chew.

Reina is very cuddly and loves to sit beside you or in your lap if you're willing. Loves everyone she meets but can be a bit overzealous for young children. Expect that to moderate through training and as she ages. She's a "big game hunter" when it comes to play. She loves to run around the yard carrying the biggest sticks (actually downed branches), buckets, 30 gallon trash cans, hose reels, and more, doing lap after lap around the yard. She loves to play tug and chase with other dogs, but at this point her play time must be monitored until she understands what acceptable play behavior is.

We found Reina currently being cared for by Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club Inc., in Centreville, Virginia.

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