Meet Tobi!

Tobi, Tobi, Tobi! This neutered, young German Shepherd mix is absolutely followed by a black cloud. We need to change his name to Jinx! He was first adopted as a tiny little guy by a terrible owner who didn't teach him a thing and then dumped him back at the shelter because he was too much to handle! DUH, wonder why that was?! Then he was adopted by someone who vowed to spend time with him, but now they are moving to that far away land of No Dogs that we hear of so often, so poor Tobi has been dumped again!

Tobi needs a committed owner to share life with. Doesn't seem too much to ask! If you are truly serious about adopting a great dog, visit Tobi! He's neutered and vaccinated and ready to go! He Just needs a good human to adopt him and show him that he can count on someone to be there for him!

We found Tobi currently being cared for by Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption in Pasadena, Texas.

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