Meet Dandy!

We're turning this blog post over to Dandy!!! Dandy, speak!!!

"Hi, my name is Dandy and I'm five years old. I am super sweet and have pretty good manners. I will paw for attention, and will pull on lead, but those are pretty minor things compared to what some of the other doggies try to get away with. I am very friendly with men, as my former home was just me, Amber, and Dad. Women are okay, too.

I am starting to show my playful side, but am on restricted activity until after I get the okay from the Dog-ter to interact with the others. I have shown a strong affinity for treats, and I take them with a not-so-gentle mouth. My foster Mom says we'll be working on that, too, as she has grown attached to her fingers and she needs them more than I do.

I've not yet been tested on cats. I ride well, but I do want to be a lap dog even in the car, so seat belting, tethering, or crating is best for safety reasons.

I am always up for some lovings. When I get more freedom, my foster mom will better assess me. "

We met Dandy through Save Our Setters Inc., in Memphis, Tennessee.

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