Meet Doodle!

Doodle is a young male dog of medium size. He looks like he could be a mix of Sussex or some other spaniel type and retriever, and he's believed to be about a year and a half old at this time.

He's got a soft and wavy chocolate coat that will require regular brushing. He's friendly and sweet and pretty gentle but you do have to take your time with him, and quietly and slowly let him know that everything is okay and you are his friend. He doesn't like to be approached or handled very quickly. He's sensitive at times when touched and he might not be the best choice for a family with small children.

Doodle does seem to really like walking on leash, although he'll need some work and he may be a great companion for an adult looking for a nice walking companion. He's a very eye catching dog who has a medium energy level.

We found Doodle currently being cared for by B.A.R.K. (Bandit's Adoption & Rescue of K-9s) in Ashland, Virginia.

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