Meet Ladd!

Ladd is a sweet and playful 4 year old male Sheltie. His foster Mom provided an update -- here is what she said:

Ladd loves, loves, loves to play fetch, but he will also lie right next to his foster mom while she is reading or working on the computer. He is fine with cats (given a little time to get used to them). He had three visting cats who took over his house (and even ate his food). During the food-stealing incident, he backed away from the cat and looked to his foster mom for help (which she provided...) In general, the cats weren't so thrilled with him politely sniffing them, ("We are not dogs, so do not sniff at us" they said) but otherwise they got along fine.

He hasn't been around small kids much, but he is a sweet and gentle dog who is likely to be fine around well-behaved children. He loved being petted by 4 or 5 ten year old neighbor children (all at once) and was sad when they had to go home.

He was an owner release and was very shy when he first came to Rescue, but he has climbed out of his shell and now thinks everyone is his friend, greets his foster mom with a wildly wagging tail, and runs to get his throw toy.

Ladd would be a great addition to a family that spent time playing with him, teaching him new tricks, and hanging out with him. He wakes up every morning and looks at his foster mom as if to say, "What fun thing are we going to do today?"

He is housebroken and up to date on shots and heartworm preventative. When he first came to Rescue in July, 2009, his coat was a mess, so we opted to shave him and give him a clean start. His coat is growing back nicely into soft, curly fur. This Ladd is really quite the handsome young guy!
We found Ladd currently being cared for by the D/FW Sheltie Rescue Inc., in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

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