Meet L.C.!

This adorable little guy was found running the streets and a TARA volunteer took him in. L.C. was in bad condition when he came to rescue, but they nursed him back to health. Look at him now! He's a real little prince!

Who can only imagine what kind of life he led before he was taken into TARA but its all over now.

L.C. has put his ordeal behind and is ready to adopt a new family that will love him forever. This sweetheart is looking for a home that has a doggy door or where he wouldn't be left alone for more than 3 hours.

He is only about 15 pounds, but what makes him even more special besides his pretty black coat and adorable face is the fact that he has no ear canals... which of course means that he is deaf. But have no fear, this little guy can communicate with you just fine with his beautiful brown eyes and wiggly body and tail!!

We found L.C. currently being cared for by The Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A.)
Independence, Missiouri.

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