Meet Peaches!

Peaches is the product of a Ridgeback mix mom. She is one of 6 puppies found in the woods nearby the rescue. Peaches personality is vivacious. She is loving, playful, and inquisitive. She loves to chase squirrels. She is a little more aloof and not "cuddly" like her littermates. Peaches shows caution, not to be perceived as timidness.

She and her 2 sisters, Coco and Lil Red have the most beautiful amber eyes that just melt your heart. She has received all vaccinations, rabies, and has been spayed. Peach has been on heartworm preventative since a puppy. She is housebroken, leash trained, and loves her treats. Her estimated date of birth is 7-15-04. Her weight as of 8-1-08 is 54 lbs.

We found Peaches currently being cared for by in York, South Carolina.

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