Meet Sarah!

According to the shelter, Sarah would like a night out at any local restaurant and she'd even order the crumbs under the table because she hasn't yet found a permanent place to share or have a meal or two. Eating at the shelter is a lonely event and not too appetizing. The food looks like multi colored pebbles of hard rock with some fake looking pasta thrown in. It's edible, though. Just not high on the list of great food for dogs suffering the stresses of shelter life.

But Sarah has grit and spunk and a will to thrive. She's a beautiful girl with a St. Bernard face and some boxer type eyes, some wings for ears and a big button nose. Her coat is soft like cashmere and wheaten color on her trunk. She's a love of a dog. She's adorable and adoring. People are her great passion and her loyalty is written all over her sweet body.

We found Sarah through Jackson Friends of Animal Shelter in Jackson, Mississippi.

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