Meet Buddy!

Buddy is one of those heartbreaking stories that we are hearing more often every day. Sadly, his owner has suffered a foreclosure and he cannot take his dogs with him to the place he must now move to. Toby and Buddy have been with him nearly all their lives and must now try to find new homes.

Buddy is a 45 lb. beauty that is alert and attentive and watches you closely with every move you make. He is very people friendly , dog friendly and doesn't give a hoot about cats. He walks like a dream and let us trim huge mats of hair off of him the first time we met him. He's free of fleas, so he won't need any dip machine. A beautiful dog that 10 years old, but acts half of that. Active and sweet he deserves better than what he has now.

We found Buddy currently being cared for the by Franklin County Humane Society in Brookville, Indiana.

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