Meet Duncan!

We're turning this blog post over to...Duncan!

Hello Everybody! My name is Duncan. I am large, around 70lbs, but I'm a gentle giant. I love loungin' around and takin' it easy. I do love to get out and play with my roommate Coconut and she is a fun little red pit bull mix.

When I came to the shelter I was really skinny and had lots of fleas. The animal control officer picked me up in the parking lot of the hospital. I was really bad off and was trying to get admitted. Alax, it was only a human hospital. Everything is fine now. The nice folks at the shelter fixed me up and now I can't wait to get a nice family of my own.
We know Duncan would fully enjoy playing Wii with you! So what are you waiting for? Duncan is currently being cared for by Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter in Gonzales, Texas.

For more information about Duncan, click here!