Meet Ivan!

Ivan is a beautiful 6 year old Akbash or white Anatolian boy with light tan spots. Everyone that meets him is in love!

He was originally strictly kept outside with goats, but was sold since he “played” too much with the goats . He has been with chickens and he did fantastic. He is also good with cats and another female Anatolian. He loves people and craves attention. He would do best as a hobby farm dog, as he does like to do his bark when out at night every hour or so to “warn the enemies” that he is around.

Ivan needs to be contained in a fence that he is not able to climb. He walks on a leash and can now climb stairs, but is fearful still if you raise an object or a hand to him. He still does not like to take food from your hand, but will, and his rescuers have broken him of guarding his food.

We found Ivan currently being cared for by The National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network in Queen Creek, Arizona; although Ivan is located in Vermont.

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