Meet Ivy!

Ivy is an extra-sweet and adorable female Papillon puppy. She is black and white with unique markings and the cutest "funny face". Ivy is full of life. She loves to play with other small dogs and with toys. While playing she has an endearing habit of regularly returning to her human to sort of "check in", get a pat and a "good girl", and then she's off to her doggy pal again for a game of tug or chase. She is very agile and loves to run fast, circling the yard and making herself a private obstacle course through patio furniture, potted plants, etc.

Ivy is 7-8 months old and very much still a puppy but she is not destructive and she is very well-behaved. She likes to please. She knows sit and stay and will easily learn new commands and tricks, as she is smart and eager. She is good on a leash. We're not sure how much socialization she had previously. She is a tad timid with strangers but not fearful.

This darling girl weighs 6-7 pounds now. She is lean and long. She has recently started growing her adult coat so we expect her to sport a nice, silky Papillon coat and especially cute "culottes" as a mature adult.

Ivy is an alpha female and in Papillons that means that she is not inclined to get along all the time with other female dogs or alpha males.

We found Ivy through Papillons and Playmates (PAPS) in Vista, California.

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