Meet Jason!

Jason is a happy, playful, social fella who is eager for attention. He is about 7 months old. He loves walks and car rides. He loves anything that involves him being with his people and meeting new people. He is very smart and learns fast. He is good with other dogs and will try to be friends if they will be with him.

The other part of his Pyrenees mix is most likely from a herding breed as he is more active then a typical Pyr this age. He needs a large yard and a lot of exercise with an interactive family. He is a guardian and will bark away intruders, be they real or imaginary.

Adjustment to a residential neighborhood would be forthcoming, but it would take time and patience because of his alertness to everything in his surroundings. A country setting would be ideal.

We found Jason through Ozark Dogs in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

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