Meet Shadow!

Shadow was rescued out of a neglectful situation. Two young kids owned him and loved him until they got a new puppy. Then they decided he wasn't worth their time anymore. He got no attention except when he was tied on a short chain two times a day.

Now that he's in rescue, Shadow loves to go for car rides (especially if you go through the drive thru and grab him a burger). He enjoys playing with other dogs and actually helped 'save' his girlfriend, another foster dog, Phoenix.

He does need someone who devote time to him. He needs a lot of exercise and someone will discipline him and not let him get away with a lot. He will try to push you to see how far he can go. An experienced owner would be best. He does hang around the yard and not run off. Shadow just wants a home to call his own.

We found Shadow through Bully Breed Rescue in New Canaan, Connecticut.

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