Meet Snaggle!

Snaggle is the balancing icon of the famous frizzy haired beings - Phyllis Diller and Einstein. He's balances out the kookiness of Diller and the genius of Einstein with his sweet and centered happiness. This guy plays with all dogs bringing his sunny disposition, and nary a confrontation.

He cheerfully follows along at Fiesta Island, greeting all. Snaggle's hair totally says terrier, no? Well get this, no feisty edge typical of terriers, and he's not a barker. In addition to his good looks, he's got that adorable underbite.

How awesome can this sweet guy get? He hangs with his people, in a devoted and ready to help you out with anything attitude. If he put on a little tuxedo, he'd be the most sought after butler. And you may want to invest in some merchant services, and start to bottle and sell that devotion! Snaggle is good with kids, crate trained, and house trained; he's two years old and weighs about 15, 16 pounds.

We found Snaggle through The Barking Lot Rescue in San Diego, California.

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