Meet Abby!

Abby is about a 1 year old female long legged, broken coat JRT. The rescue organization has acquired several dogs from a very unusual circumstance.

The owner lived out of his truck breeding JRTS, he passed away and the police found him in the truck with 7 JRTs. They have all been placed into rescue.

Abby is active, but doesn't need any drug rehab because you'll be linked with the new FDA pet health and safety widget! She's just a bit confused right now, she is accustomed to being at the state parks and people petting her, she lived with a lot of JRTs and is becoming accustomed to new dogs. She is passive, we think housebroken, likes walks, my guess would be no cats.

We found Abby through South by Southwest Jack Russell Terrier Rescue, Inc., in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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