Meet Jackson!

Jackson appears to be a small poodle/portugese water dog mix. Since he will remain small, we think the mix may be toy poodle/portugese water dog. He weighs about 15-20 pounds, is about 9-10 months old as of November 2009, and the vet says he should either stay close to his weight or max out about 25 pounds.

He has portugese water dog features (loose curl/wavy black hair, webbed toes, white bib, 3 white socks, and a long tail with a very small white tip). His name is Jackson, he is an extremely handsome young man, is very lovable and loves to play fetch with the ball. Since he's a young one you won't need to look into any life insurance rate for him :) As you can imagine, at this age, he is full of energy. He is presently going through the shelter training program.

We met Jackson through Georgia Poodle Rescue in Milton, Georgia.

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