Meet Kody!

Kody sure has come a long way since coming to rescue. He is now totally housebroken, knows how to use a doggie door and is playing great with other dogs (from a 12 pound pug puppy to a 165 pound rottie). He shares his toys and food and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Kody is just a great puppy and is most certainly ready for a home to call his own.

Kody is an absolutely precious little wooly husky mix boy, approximately 8 months old. Kody was surrendered to rescue by his owner who had him tethered to a tree in the backyard since Kody was a baby. Kody's coat was so matted that we had to have him shaved all the way down.

Kody is currently in a foster home in Georgia where he is getting lots of attention, love and playtime. Since he had spent his whole life by himself he still does not know proper doggie etiquette but being a smart boy he is learning quickly. He already knows "sit" and is walking pretty well on a leash.

Kody is neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations and heartworm prevention. Now all he needs is a loving home that will give him the attention and structure that he so richly deserves.

We met Kody through Rotts 'n Pups Northern Rescue in North Haledon, New Jersey.

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