Meet Max!

Max is a male Shar Pei, 4-5 years old, red fawn colored brushcoat and weighs about forty pounds. He can only be described as a lovable, mellow friend, who enjoys long walks, tummy scratched and in return gives unconditional love.

Nothing would make him happier than to simply keep you company, be in a corner in your kitchen, watch television with you, and or listening attentively to anything you had to share. He is and needs to be a wonderful companion dog and can adjust to another dog’s presence, but would rather be the center of attention.

He is allergic to meat, but has no problem with poultry blended treats and food. Max has a chronic ear infection which is treatable, flushed every day or two (he likes to have this attention). Max can adjust easily to a new environment with just a little patience for him to get to know you, once he is assured of your steady companionship. It will be a lasting friendship.

We found Max through Rescue A Shar-Pei (RASP)in Porter Beach, Indiana.

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