Meet T-Bo!

Check out this little Pug boy!! T-Bo is just 4 years old and weighs about 13 pounds. He has obviously not had the best life and care in the world. His rescuers pulled T-Bo from a shelter where he had been dumped by his owners. He has some skin infections that are being cleared up with some medicine from our vet and some special medicated baths.

T-Bo is already looking so much better!! His coat is already improving and he should not have any problems with his skin and wrinkles other than what normally affects pugs. A family that is knowledgeable about the Pug breed would probably be the best fit for T-Bo. He has a very sweet and happy personality. T-Bo adores people and is a happy and friendly dog.

He gives kisses to everyone and will follow you around all day just for the joy of being by your side. :) T-Bo is also good with the other dogs at the rescue and cats. He would also be fine in a family with children. Are you looking for that dog that you can rescue and save from a neglectful life? T-Bo fits that criteria perfectly!! And he has a sweet and happy personality for you to enjoy!!

We found T-Bo through the Rescue Farm in Poland, Indiana.

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