Meet Hayden and Zorro!

Hayden is a friendly, sunny, lovely little guy who must be adopted with his brother, Zorro, a long haired Chihuahua. Hayden is approx 7 years old and Zorro is 4. Their mother loved them very much but was forced to give them up because of incurable illness.

The rescue promised her these 2 precious little guys, who lost their beloved human, will stay together and not lose each other. They are charming lovable little guys and the person(s) who are kind enough to give them a chance for a second life will greatly enhancing their own, as well.

We found Hayden and Zorro through Shih Tzu Rescue in Davie, Florida. Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. (also known as Shih Tzu and Lap Dog Rescue, Inc.) is a South Florida based 501(C)(3) non-profit, no kill shelter. Our organization rescues Shih Tzu's and other companion dogs and places them in quality lifetime homes. They only adopt to local families.

Click here for more information about Hayden and Zorro.

Meet Takashi!

Takashi is an adventurous little fellow to loves to explore and find new things to do and investigate. He loves toys. He spent the first 9 years of his life in a puppy mill and is apparently making up for much lost time. Thank goodness his lovely spirit was not broken by his years of misery.

He is in a state of pure bliss now with all of his space to explore and fun things to do. He is loving to the people and would think it grand to have a home of his very own after 9 yeas of being held captive in the cold, dark prison of a Nebraska puppy mill. Takashi is a male Shiba Inu. He was born 03/08/98 and weighs 21 pounds.

We found Takashi currently being cared for by Hearts United for Animals in Auburn, Nebraska. Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill animal shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering. They rescue dogs from all over the country and specialize in long distance adoptions.

For more information about Taskashi, click here!

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog is my new sponsor!

The other day I got another package in the mail. This time it was from my good friend, Sparkles, the Fire Safety Dog!

You may remember me talking about Sparkles in the past. She lives in Clarksville, Arkansas and has a very important job. She visits with children at schools and at events, and helps them learn all about fire safety. Now she's an author! She sent me a copy of her new book, along with her paw-to-graph - and I have to tell ya, it's cool!

Here's a vid of Sparkles doing her great work!

Now here's the coolest part! Sparkles asked us the other day if she could be one of my sponsors! And I said, doggone it, of course., we'd love it! So if you, your friends, or members of your family, click on this link and purchase Sparkles new book, a portion of the sales of the book will benefit my agility fund! And for those that tell Sparkles that Johann sent 'em, Sparkles has agreed to pawtograph their copy too! Remember, you have to use this link, K?

Now how cool is that? So be sure and tell all your friends, your family members, your neighbors and anyone else you can think of that have little two-leggers. They will absolutely love this book! We took it over to our neighbors the other day, and their boys loved it; and they loved Sparkles! (Well, who wouldn't?). And the book has super important messages that all pawrents need to help their kids understand.

Thanks Sparkles, we sure are glad you decided to sponsor me. Looking forward to helping you get the word on fire safety to the little ones!

Meet Duncan!

Duncan has been a very loved and pampered family member, but is now looking for his furever home. Not only is he a handsome dude, he's also really smart.He knows many basic commands and some tricks too! And he knows fetch and frisbee!

He's looking for a family that likes to go for walks and rides. He is crate trained, reliable in the house and loves to hang out with his family.

We met Duncan currently being cared for by the Indiana-Midwest Old English Sheepdog Rescue in Greensburg, Indiana. They are a small group of Old English Sheepdog lovers in Indiana and surrounding states, working to find the best homes possible for displaced OES in their area. They network with various shelters, humane societies and rescues to save as many Old English Sheepdogs as possible in our immediate area and beyond.

For more information about Duncan, click here!

Meet Cooper!

Cooper is a lover that is eager to please. He's a people dog that will lean against your leg to get an ear scratch. He is two years old and was rescued from the East Valley shelter. His love of water and markings lead us to believe he's got some Leonberger (a German water dog) mixed in. He is an amazing athlete in the water but water sports are not a requirement, he's just looking for love.

He's is an affectionate social guy and lived with five cats in his foster home. He would do well in an active home. He is housebroken, neutered vaccinated and micro-chipped. He could live with a female dog his size (but not happy with males trying to dominate him.) Can you open your heart and home to Cooper? In return you'll get a life time of unconditional love and devotion!

We found Cooper currently being cared for by The Rescue Train in Burbank, California. The Rescue Train is a 501c3, non profit group dedicated to keeping dogs and cats off the streets and out of the city shelters of Los Angeles, California. It is their mission to give an animal in their care the highest chance for a successful adoption by observation, obedience training and education.

For more information about Cooper, click here!

PuppyBowl I-IV DVD Giveaway!

Sunday is the big day when the Steelers and Cards battle it out in Tampa. But some of the real action will be over at the highly anticipated Puppy Bowl V on Animal Planet!

The sacks, the turnovers, the fumbles, the TD's - it's all there. Who needs DogSitter TV, when you've got the Puppy Bowl?

Now you can own a part of the action!

We're giving away a complete set of Puppy Bowl I-IV on DVD to some lucky dog or dog lover! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and I, Johann, will randomly sniff out one winner in a drawing this SuperBowl Sunday! See our contest page for more info. (Note: This is a separate giveaway than the giveaway on my Days of Johann blog.)

Here's a little preview:

To get ready for the action, head on over to the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl headquarters, meet the starting line up, check out the puppy bowl puzzles, learn about pet adoption, and more! Puppy Bowl starts at 3 PM E/P on Animal Planet.

And if you can't see the Puppy Bowl live, follow all the action on Twitter!

Meet Greta!

Gretta is a baby Giant Schnauzer who came from a puppy mill. She is getting used to everything new she sees and all of the people she meets. She is black and has cropped ears. She is ok with other dogs and loves to go places and play. Gretta is looking for a special forever home. Gretta is not comfortable around small children, no children under the age of 10.

We found Greta currently being cared for by the Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue in College Station, Texas. They only allow adoptions in Texas, so you *must* live within a three-hour drive of Austin, Houston, or College Station to adopt from them.

For more information about Greta, click here!

The Adopted Dog Bible - new book from!

A new book from Petfinder - The Adopted Dog Bible just hit bookstores.

Petfinder says it's your one-stop resource for choosing, training nd caring for your sheltered or rescued dog.

"The old rules don't always apply to adopted dogs, whose training, past behaviors and health histories may be a mystery. At last, here's the one-stop guide that acknowledges their special needs and covers every detail of daily life."

Buy the Book

Price: $15.99

Meet L.C.!

This adorable little guy was found running the streets and a TARA volunteer took him in. L.C. was in bad condition when he came to us but we nursed him back to health. Look at him now! He's a real little prince!

He is only about 15 pounds but what makes him even more special besides his pretty black coat and adorable face is the fact that he has no ear canals... which of course means that he is deaf. But have no fear, this little guy can communicate with you just fine with his beautiful brown eyes and wiggly body and tail!!

We found L.C. currently being cared for by The Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A.) in Kansas City, Missouri. T.A.R.A, a non-profit 501C3, all volunteer group dedicated to helping homeless pets in the Greater Kansas City area. Their organization is the result of an alliance between several rescuers in the Kansas City region who share the same goal of ending animal suffering and homelessness.

For more information about L.C., click here!

Meet Hanna!

Hanna is around a year old, weighs around 45 lbs. She is playful, and loves to jump in water! She can't help it, since she's flat-coat retriever mix! Hanna gets along great with any other dogs, and has been very popular in her playgroup. She is OK with house-cats, once she recognize they're her family. She's now staying with foster home, and has been perfectly housebroken, crate-trained, and know basic commands---Sit and Lay Down totally make sense to her!

She is very affectionate, and people-oriented girl who will follow you everywhere---she always make sure you're OK( : Since she has learned good house-manner already, we would like Hanna to be ended up as indoor/outdoor dog. She loves to have a moderate size of yard which has securely fenced, but also needs family to let her sleep inside at night where she could prove her great house manners!

We found Hanna currently being cared for by Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter in
Gonzales, Texas.

For more information about Hanna, click here!

600 Hundred Dogs Rescued in Washington State!

News reports coming out of Washington State from indicate:

Authorities in northwestern Washington have confiscated 600 dogs from two separate kennels, after authorities served search warrants for animal cruelty and neglect, Chief Criminal Deputy Will Reichardt of the Skagit County Sheriff's Office said.

The dogs were taken from properties in Snohomish and Skagit counties over the past two weeks and the total number of dogs keeps rising as many of the pregnant dogs give birth. Bud Wessman, director of Everett Animal Services, which is caring for 155 dogs seized Jan. 16 said, "We've already had two litters born. We have six that will give birth over the weekend and probably another 10 litters coming up in the next week."

200 dogs were confiscated from two separate kennels south of Mount Vernon while more than 400 dogs were being held in a Mountain View Road puppy mill. The dogs were kept in abysmal conditions and many of them were heavily matted and were standing in their own feces in wire cages, Reichardt said. Authorities in Skagit County picked up 135 dogs at a facility near Mount Vernon on Wednesday and picked up the remaining 308 on Friday.

A majority of the seized dogs were Chihuahuas, Shih-Tzu, poodles, Yorkshire terriers and specially bred "designer" dogs who are pregnant, authorities said and many of the dogs were sick, hungry, thirsty and standing in their own feces.

Seven dogs were found lying dead in a plastic crate and four dogs needed immediate veterinary care while in a room 20 female dogs that were nursing litters of pups. 150 dogs were removed on Wednesday by volunteers that were evaluated to be in need of better care and they were taken to a temporary shelter at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon or to the homes of volunteers.

Another 40 dogs, mostly Australian shepherds, were living in small crates, many of which were contaminated with their own feces and urine, were seized from another location on West Big Lake Road, Reichardt said. They are being housed temporarily in private residences of local volunteers until other accommodations can be made. Two ponies that also showed significant signs of malnourishment and neglect were seized.

Reichardt said till now no one has been arrested in either case, but charges may be forthcoming.

The group Saving Pets One at a Time is helping the dogs. People interested in volunteering or donating can get details at the group's Web site.
If that wasn't enough, now news reports from the Seattle Times and are indicating that over 80 percent of the rescued dogs are pregnant and hundreds more puppies are expected.
MOUNT VERNON, Wash. - Rescuers who have saved hundreds of dogs from stinking, filth-choked puppy mills over the past few days have made an eye-popping discovery - most of the animals are pregnant and due to give birth to roughly 1,500 puppies.

Some 600 abused and neglected dogs have been rescued from three different kennels since last weekend, and animal shelters were are already struggling to care for the crush of animals they already have.

Now they know there are many more on the way.

Animal rescue officers say a typical litter for a stressed dog is about three pups, and roughly 500 of the dogs are pregnant.

"We're going to be having puppies born here probably every day as long as they're here," says Animal Services Director Bud Wessman.

It heaps a whole other crisis on top of the one shelters are already struggling with. After the puppies are born, rescuers will be trying to cope with more than 2,000 dogs.

Read more.
Shelters all over Washington State are going to need a lot of extra assistance over the coming month. If you can help, contact the following organizations:

Anyone who wants to make an online donation to help pay for the dogs' care may donate to the KOMO Problem Solvers Fund.

Animal-control officers are additionally asking that anyone who purchased a dog from the Mountain View Kennel leave a message for animal-control officer JoHannah Deterding at 360-336-9450 or e-mail her at

The group Saving Pets One at a Time is helping the dogs. People interested in volunteering or donating can find out how at the group's Web site.

Meet Gibson!

Gibson is a purebred male Clumber Spaniel born 10/1/07. He is a very friendly young man and loves people and other animals. He is housebroken and up to date on vaccinations. Gibson has hip dysplasia and will require joing supplements to ease any discomfort that may develop as he gets older.

We found Gibson currently being cared for by Headin' Home Pet Rescue, Inc., in Holland, Michigan. Headin' Home Pet Rescue, founded in 2008, is a branch of Mapleview Animal Hospital. Striving to provide the best possible care to our animal friends, they became involved in rescue work back in 1994. More information about Mapleview and the work done there can be found at:

For more information about Gibson, click here!

Meet Zoey!

Zoey is a stray from Rancho Cucamonga (CA) area. Estimated to be 4-5 years of age, spayed, delightful temperament, she needs a personal trainer to get some weight off. She appeared to have been groomed not long ago, but no one came to claim her.

Zoey has one eye that has a mature cataract but it bothers her not at all. She is residing with Kathy Santana, Riverside while she is fostered. Gets along with all the various sized dogs.

We met Zoey through the Southern California Bouvier Des Flandres Club (SCBdFC) Rescue Program in Southern California. Their Rescue Program is dedicated to helping unfortunate Bouviers in Southern California. They are not a placement service for breeders.

For more information about Zoey, click here!

Meet Apollo!

Apollo is proving to be a typical Boxer boy. He'll need a home with lots of structure to help keep him on the straight and narrow. Apollo is a good boy who has just lacked the much needed socialization and training essential to a growing Boxer. He has had limited exposure to kitties and done reasonably well with supervision and redirection. Just make sure he has good bed frames in his doggie bed!

We met Apollo through Midwest Boxer Rescue. The purpose of this coalition is to help people in the Midwest U.S. find a Boxer to adopt and to coordinate the rescue and care of dogs in need.

For more information about Apollo, click here!

Meet Deuce and Mugsy!

Deuce & Mugsy are six year old brothers who absolutely love each other, so must find a forever home together. Deuce is 25 pounds and he’s got brindle markings, and Mugsy is a big boy at 35 pounds with black markings.

They are a super cute duo, and they’ve sadly spent most of their lives outdoors, so they’re looking forward to having a home where they will be welcomed to live inside as a part of the family. Their foster parents are delighted that both Deuce and Mugsy are housebroken and doggie door trained.

They are very mellow, love giving kisses and love belly rubs. Both are very submissive and want nothing more than to cuddle with and please their person. Both dogs also know how to sit, and they only get on the furniture when invited. So, indoors, they are the perfect dogs, but they have some things to work on when it comes to “social interaction”, specifically, walking on leash, and getting along with other dogs.

We found Deuce and Mugsy currently being cared for by a foster home with Southern California Boster Terrier Rescue. For more information about these two great pups, click here!

Meet Trip!

Trip is a 3 year old Aussie/BC cross (with a docked tail) originally from eastern Oregon. He's was surrendered to the LaGrande Shelter in September 2008 and finally got another chance when he was transferred to OHS on their second chance program. He was not doing well at the shelter and has been at our house since Thanksgiving.

He's quite the catch, very fun and loving dog. He's an expert snuggler, playful and so wants to bond with someone. He's a powerful dog with a nice athletic body and willingness to please. A great combination for someone looking for a agility or herding companion. Speaking of herding, he's been tried on sheep, and shows a keen interest that could be cultivated. He can go both directions, is willing to stand up to sheep and would make a great hobby herding dog with some practice.

He gets along well with other dogs, although he can be a little unsure of himself sometimes. His reaction to another dog snarking at him is to turn away. He's a lover, not a fighter. He loves to play with our dogs, running around and wrestling.

We found Trip currently being cared for by Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue in Oregon state. For more information about Trip, click here!

Meet Molly!

Molly is a spayed female Border Terrier who is very sweet, playful, loving, active, and happy. She loves people and belly rubs and is settling in to her foster home in St. Louis, MO. She is quite dominant and therefore should not be placed with other dogs that show dominance. Her foster mom has begun stripping out her thick coat. She seems to enjoy the attention of grooming.

Molly is a bit over-weight so she's on a diet now. She has been vet checked and is ready for a new home. She is fine with cats that are not afraid of dogs, but will chase cats that run away. She respects cats that hold their ground. She is not food aggressive to people but is to other dogs. She will be a great dog to go hiking with one day and snuggle with the next. She loves to chase balls. She barks, but not excessively. Molly definitely has a strong hunting instinct and needs some work on "come".

We found Molly currently being cared for by a foster connected with North American Border Terrier Welfare. The main goal of the NABTW is to protect and act on behalf of any homeless Border Terriers.

For more information about Molly, click here!

Meet Ted!

This guy is Ted! Ted is the second oldest of the “Grand Lake Labs” – and as you can see from his pictures, is skin and bones. With some time, love, attention and lots of groceries, Ted will be the strapping, big labbie he was meant to be. Of course, we think Ted is already one handsome guy - but once he grows into himself… look out ladies… he will be GQ worthy! Stay tuned for updates on Ted and how he is doing.

In Ted's intake exam we learned he has ehrlichia so he is undergoing treatment. Dogs fully recover from ehrlichia when treated properly. Ted will not suffer any residual affects and will live a long and happy life.

We found Ted currently being cared for by Heartland Lab Rescue, Inc. They are a non-profit, all volunteer organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving forever homes for Labrador retrievers that have been neglected, abused or are just unwanted. Our organization is comprised of a network of volunteers and foster homes in Oklahoma and Kansas.

For more information about Ted, click here!

Meet Sparrow!

Sparrow is an adorable, but quirkly little dog whose nickname is 'Secret Squirrel' because she runs around like she's on a mission whose purpose is known only to her. She's never going to need Leptovox, 'cause she's gonna stay slip at the rate she's going.

She's friendly once she gets to know you (enjoys being petted and will give kisses), but wary of strangers. Sparrow gets along with other dogs but is submissive and sometimes gets picked on by others, so she is quite happy being with alone or with one other compatible dog. She comes and kennels up on command and is well behaved in the house.

We found Sparrow currently being cared for by Save the Strays Animal Rescue in Bethune, South Carolina. Save the Strays Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals, with a primary focus on dogs. We find homes for our animals through direct adoption and through other rescues and shelters.

For more information about Sparrow, click here!

Meet Felicity!

This is Felicity! She's an adult Italian Greyhound and weighs about 23 pounds. She's a bit shy, but very loving. And she loves to cuddle. I would bet that Felicity would like a nice little Kong to welcome her home. And while you're at it you could pick up some horse supplies at the same place!

We found Felicity currently being cared for by Tails of Hope in Gurnee, Illinois. Tails of Hope is a not for profit, all volunteer organization based in Lake County, IL. They were established in 2002 in an effort to help terminally ill or assisted living candidates place their pets through foster care or adoption, but they also work with local facilities to place animals that may otherwise be euthanized.

For more information about Felicity, click here!

Meet Sunny!

This is Sunny. He's two years old and like most youngsters, has lots of energy! He loves to run in the yard and chase those pesky squirrels.

When he was a year old, he was made to live outside 24/7, so now he's learning to be a ‘well-behaved’ inside dog. His foster mom says he's a quick learner and that he has a whole lot of potential.

We found Sunny currently being cared for by a foster family connected with Save Our Setters Inc., Illinois Office in Galesburg, Illinois. Save Our Setters, Inc. (S.O.S.), a non-profit organization, is a network of volunteers located across the country dedicated to rescuing and rehoming displaced Irish, Irish Red & White, and Gordon Setters. Our foster families take these dogs into their homes, evaluate them, and get them ready for adoption.

For more information about Sunny, click here!

Meet Axel - a Member of the A-Team!

Thanks to Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue, Axel is one of five pups rescued from severe neglect and abuse from a backyard breeder and dog fighting operation in Indianapolis, Indiana. (You can see the video of the sad story here).

These pups, lovingly named the A-Team, had a very long road to recovery but are doing well and now are looking for their furever homes. Watch this video to learn more about them!

For more information about Axel and his buds, click here!

Meet Pre!

Prefontaine the Frenchie is an athletic, handsome boy, ready for competition and ready to be someone’s one-and-only canine love. Known as Pre for short, this 4 year-old is looking for a committed parent or two that will love him and guide him through the rest of his life. Pre has a couple of manageable health issues, but the most important thing is that Prefontaine lives with someone who is willing to be the leader while being gentle and loving.

Currently Pre is being cared for in Southern California by a foster family with French Bulldog Rescue Network. The French Bulldog Rescue Network is an independent, North American rescue organization, not affiliated with any AKC breed clubs. Our purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Frenchies in need.

For more information about Pre, click here!

Meet Daisy!

Daisy is a typical, energetic, playful female Weimaraner! She is a good size girl, probably weighs around 70-75 pounds and she is grey. She is good with other dogs who are not alpha, loves to play, and needs a very active home. Daisy is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and currently in the cell dog program learning some basic manners. We recommend a child free home at this time because Daisy likes to mouth people.

We found Daisy currently being cared for by Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio, Inc., in Bellbrook, Ohio. Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)not for profit organization that is comprised of Volunteers who are dedicated to the Rescue and placement of unwanted canines into permanent homes.

For more information about Daisy, click here!

Meet Princess!

Princess, an eight year old, 48 lb, field bred spaniel mix, is a sweetheart waiting for her happy ending. When she was picked up as a stray, she was suffering from a horrible flea infestation that had caused her to lose much of the fur on her back and belly. After a weekend at the vet, she came to her foster home feeling much better. She has not complained even once as she has had her ears rinsed and drops put in her eyes. She was good for a toenail trim and even a bath. In just a week, her fur is already starting to grow back. She will be a beauty when her coat is fully regrown. Princess gets along very well with the three other Springers in her foster home.

We found Princess currently being cared for by a foster home associated with English Springer Rescue America, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan. English Springer Rescue America, Inc. (ESRA) is a nationwide rescue group and a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We provide foster care and adoption referral services to shelters and animal control facilities with impounded Springers.

For more information about Princess, click here!

Meet Kuda!

This big handsome boy is Kuda and he is very happy to meet you! Kuda is about 2 years old and has the most mesmerizing eyes! He knows to sit and will even shake hands, but needs some work with walking on a leash. He is okay with female dogs that are not too pushy. Kuda is a big boy and a bit head strong but does not have a mean bone in his body. He just needs a home and family that is willing to spend some time and teach him what he needs to learn.

We found Kuda currently being cared for by West Texas Chow Rescue. Their goal is to rescue friendly and outgoing Chow Chows and give them a second chance at finding loving and caring homes. Our organization has placed numerous Chow Chows with loving families and individuals all across the country and even overseas.

For more information about Kuda, click here!

Meet the Hound Pups!

Seven puppies are coming into Robdars HoundSong Rescue in Hammond, Indiana sometime this week. They are 11 weeks old. We know Mama was 1/2 Bloodhound, 1/2 Coonhound. Not sure what Daddy was, but they are pretty sure he is coonhound.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of these sweeties, please contact Robdars HoundSong Rescue.

For more information, click here!

Meet Opal!

Opal is a gorgeous blue merle puppy girl! Opal is 4 mths old, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Australian Shepherd mix, and is all ready for her new home! She loves to give kisses and to play and jump with her friends. Opal is an active fun dog. She is smart and would respond well to training. Opal is great with other dogs, cats, and all ages of kids.

We found Opal currently being cared for by the Rescue Farm in Poland, Indiana. Rescue Farm, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit rescue working to end euthanasia of adoptable animals. They are run out of a private residence so all adoptions are done by appointment only.

For more information about Opal, click here!

Meet Daisy!

Daisy is such a sweetheart! She was rescued from an environment where she didn’t receive much attention and socialization. She has blossomed in foster care and loves being part of a household. Her favorites include walks, car rides and sunning herself in the yard. Her absolute favorite thing is to chase squirrels from the back yard. She plays well with other dogs her size, especially other poodles! She meets and greets other dogs well, but doesn’t seem interested in playing unless they are her size. She could also do well as an individual dog with someone who is home much of the time.

We found Daisy currently being cared for through a foster home in Indiana via the Carolina Poodle Rescue in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Carolina Poodle Rescue is a no-kill/limited entry private rescue group; they believe and support the No More Homeless Pets and spay/neuter initiatives.

For more information about Daisy, click here!

Meet Kipster!

Like many other dogs in rescue, and border collies in particular, Kipster found himself in a home that could not provide an outlet for his energy. Sadly, an electronic training collar was involved and things quickly deteriorated. He was brought to the vet to be euthanized, but the staff saw what a great dog and arranged for him to come into rescue. He is a 9 month purebred, neutered male, border collie, 41 lbs. and 21 inches tall, fully vetted, healthy and just needs to start heartworm meds in the Spring.

Kipster is very easy to live with and quiet in the house. He gets along well with other people, kids, dogs and cats also. He'll play by himself, throwing toys up in the air and catching them. Even with all that hard catching, he takes treats so gently you barely feel his whiskers on your fingers. Kipster is house trained (no accidents), quiet in his crate, sleeps in the bedroom on a dog bed and stays there all night. He also knows how to shake hands and rides very well in a crate in the car.

Kipster will mature into a loving, wonderful dog. Right now he is just afraid to let his guard down and he needs more positives in his life than negatives. Come to think of it, don't we all? Pretty soon Kip will be ignoring all the exit signs, he'll be in his furever home.

Kipster is being fostered in La Porte County in Northwest Indiana through Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue.

For more information about Kipster, click here!

Meet Bella!

Bella, a Bearded Collie, Border Terrier Mix was chained on a porch most of her life. Her owners moved away and she was left behind.

The good folks at the Alabama Animal Adoption Society in Homewood, Alabama rescued her and she is ready for adoption. And we're sure she'll love her new home - with luxury or discount furniture, neither will matter to her as long as she's with her peeps.

The Alabama Animal Adoption Society is a not for profit organization supported entirely by private donations and volunteer effort. Their mission is to help strays and unwanted family pets find loving and responsible homes and to educate the public regarding the problem of pet overpopulation and the importance of spaying/neutering their pets.

For more information about Bella, click here!

Meet Logan!

Logan, an American Hairless Terrier, is a very sweet boy! He is a bit skittish, but we are working on that! He is 4 years old and weighs about 18 lbs and is de-barked. Logan is both housebroken and crate trained. He gets along with both cats and dogs and loves to play with his foster siblings. Logan loves to be petted and talked to, he looks adoringly into your eyes, and gives you kisses. He is afraid of children, so would be best in a home with older kids. He rides in the car very well, and loves to go for walks. Logan and his "sister" Jessica were given up by the former owner because she is now using a walker and they jump on her.

We found Logan currently being cared for by Ratbone Rescues - West Region in Isleton, California. Ratbone Rescues is a national rescue group based out of Florida. They are dedicated to helping Rat Terriers needing new homes because of homelessness, abandonment, neglect/abuse, or illness/injury. After being brought into our fosterhome network, rescued dogs receive thorough veterinary care (vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm test, heartworm preventative, microchip, plus any special needs) and plenty of TLC while we work to find new, loving, permanent homes.

For more information about Logan, click here!

Meet Jack!

Meet Jack, aka Jackeroo: Neither Jack, the silly, bouncing kangaroo boy, nor his foster Mom understand why he doesn't have a home of his own!! They both know he is the pick of the litter, the best in show, a happy love bug, ready to shower his permanent owner with adoration and to become the most wonderful companion a person could have.

Jack was brought to the animal shelter, having been found wandering in a neighborhood of boarded-up houses. He was weak from hunger but still full of kisses and wags. Shelter staff became especially fond of this fellow and asked Recycled Love to take him into foster care so that he could get the attention he so desperately needed in a quiet atmosphere. He has blossomed into Mr. Best Boy.

Jack is a real people pooch and will give his new owner(s) not just a good, but a funny friend. His idea of heaven is being able to touch you, preferably while sitting in your lap. But he knows boundaries!

We found Jack currently being cared for by Recycled Love in Baltimore, Maryland. Recycled Love is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to finding "forever homes" for Baltimore City's unwanted, abused, abandoned and death row shelters dogs and to undertake all necessary measures to work toward No More Homeless Pets in Baltimore.

For more information about Jack, click here!

Meet Kiya!

Kiya was found as a stray. She appears to be a mix of Shih Tzu and Cocker Spaniel. The vets estimate her age at about 1 ½ years old. She’s still a baby. She is sweet, playful and cuddly and will make a wonderful addition to a family with responsible, adult-monitored children. She weighs just over 14 lbs. and has the biggest brown eyes you've ever seen.

We found Kiya currently being cared for by New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana. New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue is a multi-state rescue with dogs being fostered in IL, IN, WI, MN, IA, MO, NE and AR . NBSTR does not have a shelter. Their rescued Shih Tzu live in foster homes throughout our home areas

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Meet Lilly!

Lily is a very loving 10 year old, female, collie mix. She has been a part of a family since she was a puppy and has been well socialized with other dogs/cats and children of various ages. Lily loves to be a part of the family and enjoys going for walks or just lounging by your feet.

She makes a good guard dog as she will let you know when someone comes to the door. She is used to having a fenced in yard to play and run in as she enjoys getting out to enjoy the fresh air. A recent family death is the reason for trying to place Lily in a new home. She is spayed and is up to date on all vaccinations.

We found Lilly currently being cared for by Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio, Inc., (AHDRO), was formed in December of 2003. Their mission is to provide homeless Collies and other family-friendly dogs a safe haven where they will receive medical care, nutrition, and love until an approved home is found; to reduce the number of unwanted pets by altering all dogs in our rehoming program; to educate the public about the importance of altering pets, and to promote the message that owning a pet is a lifelong commitment.

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Meet Copper!

Copper is a 1 year Brittany/ beagle mix. He is good with other dogs and kids. He is neutered and up to date on all shots.

Copper is new to Rover Rescue who is currently caring for him in Aurora, Illinois.

Their objective is to provide the best possible care and placement of dogs, through quality fostering, proper vetting and education to reach their goal. Their goal is to rescue as many dogs from shelters and abusive homes as humanly possible, evaluate them, and place them in qualified adoptive homes.

Quick tip? When bringing home your newly adopted dog, be sure and practice safe material handling and puppy proof your home to help keep them safe all of their lives!

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