Meet Stash!

Stash is looking for a special home. Sadly, his former owner had to give him up. Stash is a very intelligent, alert 4 year old boy. He is lively and eager to learn. He needs an adult home with someone who can train him well & maybe do a sport, like agility.

Stash really needs activity & some focus in his life. He likes to be pet and gets along well with other dogs. He would make a great pet to an experienced dog owner.

We met Stash through Furry Friends Rescue Inc., in White Lake, Michigan.

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Meet Aries!

Aries was turned in by his owner to the shelter. He is not neutered, housebroken and does not like cats. Aries is a high energy strong boy.

He is very smart and with training he would be a great companion. He is about a year old, and will keep you busy and active so you won't need any colon cleansing.

If you are interested in Aries for adoption or foster care, please contact the shelter as soon as possible. They are a high kill shelter and Aries doesn't have much time. If you are not local the shelter can recommend transport services.

We met Aries through the Daviess County Animal Control in Owensboro, Kentucky.

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Meet Sergio!

This is Sergio, a one year old Italian Greyhound/Labrador Retriever mix. He's a bit shy and very very submissive. Sergio is house trained and spayed/neutered, and I'm sure will just shine in his furever home. Who knows? Maybe he'd be the next star you see on televisions, like the two pups that made it through to the Top 40 on America's Got Talent?

We found Sergio currently being cared for by PAWS Atlanta. They provide love, nutrition, medical care, basic training and enriches the lives of orphaned pets until permanent, safe homes can be found. It is their mission to promote responsible pet care, prevent pet overpopulation, and enhance the pet-human bond.

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Meet Asher!

Asher is a beautiful English Setter, just under two years old. He is a beautiful boy with a beautiful heart. He gets along well with other dogs and socializes at doggie daycare several times a week.

He lives in a multi dog and and cat foster home and does well with all members of the home. He is neutered, up to date on all vaccines, heart worm negative, on preventive, is house trained, crate trained, and is currently enrolled in a basic obedience course. He will then be going on to achieve his Canine Good Citizenship certification. If you decide to adopt Asher before he is through with his training, please know that he has a full scholarship for training through his CGC and can do that with his family.

He is a fun and happy boy who was subjected to harsh hunting dog training in his past. He is overcoming the reality of that and has decided that training can be fun and the treats are great too! Despite that past the only hint of that training is hesitation before trying new things sometimes. He does trust though and quickly moves on.

We met Asher through Canine Hope All Breed Rescue in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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Meet Juniper!

Juniper is a two year old great pry/aussie mix. She is very well behaved, knows basic commands, is house broken, gets along with the dogs and kitten in her foster home.

Juniper is ready to go if you are, and also quite content snuggling on the couch and watching a good movie.

We found Juniper through Colorado Furbabies Rescue. They help high kill shelters in rural areas who have limited resources available to them. Every puppy/dog and cat/kitten taken in by Colorado Furbabies was at the end of the road, and they do everything they can to make sure they have the second chance they deserve. All of their pups are in foster care in our great volunteers' homes.

Colorado Furbabies is an all breed rescue. Everyone gets an equal chance.

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Meet Peridot!

Peridot is a petite and gentle boy. He loves to snuggle in your lap or against you for a nap. He is crate trained, house trained and also knows sit and stay, he learned all these things in under 3 weeks so he’s a very smart boy. Peridot is very sweet to the other dogs in his foster home, respects his boundaries, and is excellent with cats.

He loves to share toys and bones with people, and has no handling issues whatsoever. He also loves to play tug-of-war and fetch toys in the yard when you throw them. Overall, a well rounded pup! His foster mommy says his code name is Professor Wigglebottoms because he’s so happy to see you his butt vibrates from wagging so hard! This is made even more adorable by the fact he has a little bob tail.

We found Peridot through Smilin' Pitbull Rescue.

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Meet Rugar!

Ruuuga Rooo! is 2 years old. He's a hoot, and loves to be where you are. Ruger is fine with cats unless they run, if they run, the fun is on!

He is smart, and loves to continue learning new things. Ruger is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

We found Rugar currently being cared for by Bellowood in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

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Meet Omar!

Omar is a fawn male doberman that came to rescue very thin with very little hair from the Baton Rouge animal shelter. He is a sweet and loving boy that just wants to be loved. When he first came in, he was very scared and submissive but has quickly warmed up and is becoming very loyal.

Omar is already learning some of his basic house manners and enjoys spending time with his people and other dogs. He also enjoys his daily walks and playing with his new toys. I know we can't wait to see this boy blossom into the beautiful doberman he is.

We found Omar through Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue, Inc., in Harahan, Louisana.

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Meet Incubus!

Incubus is a 5 yr old blue heeler/dalmation mix. He tends to be a very animated and playful boy! He gets along well with other dogs and kids, but he does not like cats.

If you feel you can provide a loving home for him give his rescuers a call!

We found Incubus currently being cared for by SARA Sanctuary in Seguin, Texas.

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Meet Diva!

Diva is a female bichon/maltese mix who was born sometime in 2005 . She was surrendered to Small Paws when her owners could not afford her vet care. Diva weighs approximately 17 pounds.

Diva is a sweetheart. She follows her foster mom around everywhere. Diva is really happy to see you when you come home from work. She will need a home where someone is home most of the time Diva is housetrained and will let you know when she needs to go outside but occasionally does have an accident. We are working on this behavior.

Diva enjoys playing with other dogs and will need a home with another dog for companionship. She is learning to get along with the foster family's cat. Diva walks well on a leash but would enjoy having a fenced yard.

We found Diva through Small Paws Rescue Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Meet Carrie!

Carrie was sadly surrendered after being bought on the parking lot of a Walmart and then coming down with sarcoptic mange. She is very much puppy and can be unsure of herself at times.

She has doggy ettiquette, knows how to sit and walks well on a leash; she is also crate and house trained. She needs a patient and loving home. She is very sweet, calm and loves everyone.

We found Carrie through Act Now! Rescue in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Meet Grizz!

This big guy"s name is Grizz. an approximate two year old male Black and Tan Coonhound/German Shepherd mix. He was left in the country and nobody claimed him. He was very skinny and covered in ticks when he was found, but due to his caring foster home he gained a few pounds and starts to show his fun personality.

He is definitely an alpha male , but would do very good with a female dog. Grizz does not like cats. His foster is working on crate training , basic obedience and Grizz does very well. Grizz is heartworm negative, neutered , microchipped and up to date on all of his shots.

We met Grizz through the Riley County Humane Society Inc., in Manhattan, Kansas.

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Meet Carly!

Carley is about 2 yrs old, crate trained, house trained, and loves to play with other dogs in the yard. She is a shy, happy girl that is looking for the right companion that can give her the love and attention she needs to make her life complete.

Carley is intelligent, and would do well at obedience training with her new family, or just sitting on the couch and keeping them company. Carley's Mama was a Bloodhound and Daddy was a black & tan coonhound, and she seems to have the good qualities from both breeds.

We met Carly through Pampered Pets Rescue and Transport in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

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Meet Soapy!

Meet Sorpressa aka "Soapy"! She is a 6 year old black tri Aussie that loves her people. She is around 50 pounds. Right now Soapy has a full shave, but her coat should grow back in a few months without any issues. It does take Soapy a bit of time to get to know people, but once she does, it is all belly rubs and love! You may want to look into whole life insurance for Soapy to keep her happy and healthy all her life.

Soapy does not get along with other animals though, so she needs to be the apple of her new owner's eye without any cats or other dogs around. She is crate trained and housebroken, as well as ok with older children.

We met Soapy through Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline in Union, Washington.

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Meet Shadow!

Shadow is a special young girl that needs a patient and loving family to call her own. She and her brother Tank were born deaf. They are lovely dogs with a deep desire to please and give affection, and I'm sure they would love a fun home with some great outdoor furniture to lounge on.

We met Shadow through Partnership For Pets in Longview, Texas.

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Meet Sultan!

Meet Sultan, a super striking 2 year old South Asian Ovtcharka. He is gorgeous and very lovable. He is already neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and housebroken. He would prefer a home without cats.

He would also like a home with big dog experience. Sultan is absolutely gorgeous, although someone thought he would look better with cropped ears. Now, he has these little furry tuffs instead. Sultan is a fantastic dog who is so excited for his forever home.

We met Sultan through Almost Home Animal Sanctuary in Limekiln, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Shadow!

The Portuguese Water Dog has been getting a lot of press lately, but its neighbor from Catalonia in northern Spain is just as fetching (no pun intended). Shadow is a smart-looking one-year-old Catalan Sheepdog mix who is on the lookout for an active adult home without small children or small dogs.

Shadow is housebroken. He is anxious to work on his basic commands and enjoy doing all of the things that a family dog gets to do. Get acquainted with Shadow off leash in one of our family run areas. Most dogs will need to run off some energy before they settle down to get acquainted with you.

We found Shadow currently being cared for by Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter in Deerfield, Illinois.

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Meet Jacobi!

Jacobi is a playful, energetic boy who is a natural comedian and intensely devoted to his family. He loves to play with squeaky toys and romp around in the yard, but he's also a fan of crashing on the couch with 'his' person to watch TV at the end of the day.

He's goofy and eager to please, well-mannered in public, and a great low-maintenance buddy to have around the house.

Crate trained and housebroken, Jacobi also responds to sit, down, stay, here, shake hands, and kennel. While he is well-behaved other animals and coexists with them in his foster home, he is best suited for an only-pet home where he doesn't have to compete for attention.

Jacobi is on the small side for a Presa and will probably top out around 95-100 lbs.

We found Jacobi currently being cared for by Animal Action Rescue in Decatur, Georgia.

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Meet Jimmy!

Jimmy is an absolutely lovable dog with a great temperament who wants to be with and please his people at all times. His zest for life and everything is easily transferred to training. His motto is "will do anything for food!" Jimmy spends most of his walks off-leash as we live in a rural area. He has a very good recall and while he likes to check things out he is very good about not going too far and checking in.

Jimmy's on-leash walking is coming along well too. Jimmy is great with other dogs and of course loves all people! Jimmy does chase our barn cats (who won't be needing the best diet pills anytime soon), but has met indoor cats and he was very good with them. He would do fine in any home with kids, cats and/or dogs. Although he is energetic, he does love to curl up with his people and sleep for hours as well.

Jimmy has been working at obedience and is doing really well!! He's quick to catch on! He will make someone a fantastic pet!!

We met Jimmy through New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon, SK.

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Meet BJ!

Buddy has completed the Ohio State Cell Dog Training program successfully! He is now available for adoption having completed basic obedience. Buddy weighs 92 lbs and is about three years old. He is neutered, housebroken and up to date on his vaccinations.

Buddy is crate trained. He is strong and does require and fenced yard and will be best matched with an experienced owner. Bud is a great big lovable goof ball and has the handsomest amber eyes you have ever seen!!

We found BJ currently being cared for by Tails of Hope Sanctuary in Mount Airy, Maryland.

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Meet Lava!

At just a little over one Lava is full of puppy energy! He is looking for a avid runner or outdoors person/family to match his energetic personality. With a strong lean athletic build Lava makes the perfect companion for all your outdoor excursions. With his loving personality he relishes the attention and love from his people.

He would do best with another youngish canine companion to play with and a family that understands that he is still just a pup! And I would bet he would love a nice den with a backsplast of metal tiles to keep it clean. Lava has been known to be way too curious and dare I say annoying to both the bovine and feline sort. His rescuers are eager to find the active family looking for a little canine inspiration to run loyally by their side!

We met Lava currently being cared for by Rocky Mountain Labrador Retriever Rescue.

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Meet Marina!

Marina is a Scottie mix, about seven years old. She weighs about 15 pounds and is currently in foster care. Not much else is known about her.

We found her currently being cared for by a foster family through Animal House Shelter Inc., in Huntley, Illinois.

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Meet Holly!

Holly is wonderful. She's about 4 years old and weighs11 pounds. She is sweet and funny and gets along very well with other dogs. Holly is housebroken, walks on a leash, and will be available for adoption as soon as she gets a dental.

She must have a fenced yard to play in as she is pure terrier and will chase anything.

We met Holly through Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Thompson Station, Tennessee.

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Meet Clover!

Clover is a 1 year old, 28 lb. Skye Terrier. She has a mellow, mild and even tempered disposition. This beauty is somewhat demure, yet friendly, playful and fun loving. Beyond sweet and very endearing, she is a heart stealer.

Clover loves her toys and chewies, and loves to play with other dogs and gets along very well with them. She is an inquisitive and extremely happy and joyful baby. She wants nothing more than to spend time with you, play with her toys and enjoy a nice chewie.

She is a beautiful and special girl who amazingly is still waiting for her forever home. This breed is versatile. They do well being couch potatoes and don't require much exercise (even suitable for apartment/condo dwellers!) but at the same time are always ready for hikes and day trips if you are.

We met Clover through Precious Paws Asian and Small Breed Dog Rescue, Inc. in Alcoa, Tennessee.

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Meet Zippy!

Zippy is a darling, young split-face, neutered male Smooth Fox Terrier. Zippy isn't good with other animals, but loves people. He must go to a home with no children around and no other pets.

Zippy is located near San Diego. When it is just one on one with his person, Zippy is great. Zippy loves to share your bed and be with you. A person working from home or retired and active would be a perfect home. And if you've got a piano, you may want to pick out some soothing piano sheet music to play for him to welcome him home!

We met Zippy through American Fox Terrier Rescue - Southern California in Somis, California.

For more information about Zippy, click here!

Meet Emily!

Emily is a great puppy who is always ready for whatever her family is up to. She is a Wheaten Terrier about four months old and weighs about 10 pounds.

She is very loving and playful, great with children, cats and other dogs. Emily is not only super cute, but also a great dog!

We found Emily currently being cared for by United Hope for Animals in Pasadena, California.

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The coolest dog toys on the planet!

We're going to start something new this week!

Every week, we are going to highlight one of my favorite Squidoo lenses. What is a Squidoo lens? It's a fun, educational, entertaining and informative web page. And over the past couple of years, I've created over 100 of them, and we want to share them with you!

This week I'm sharing one of my absolute favorites - The Coolest Dog Toys on the Planet!

Yep, that's right, it's packed full of all kinds of fun, entertaining and yes, even educational, toys that are just the coolest.

There are squeaky toys, puzzles, tugs, flyers, balls, plush, interactive and more. We're featuring some of the hottest dog toys on the market, and some of the up and comers. Check 'em out, we know you're pup will love them!

Meet Mia!

This is Mia, and she is a very energetic girl! She loves to play, and she loves to play in the kiddie swimming pool, its the only way you can cool down when you are doing time in the big house.

If you point your finger at her and say bang, she will fall down and play dead. Mia is looking to get paroled to a wonderful family that will love and take great care of her.

We met Mia through Safe Harbor for Pets in Kansas City, Kansas.

For more information about Mia, click here!

Meet Ariel!

Ariel is around 2 and a half years old and weighs around 11 lbs. She is super friendly but not hyper. She wiggles her whole body when she sees you and gives the gentlest kisses.

For most of her life, she was a breeder's dog but now she will make a great family pet. She adores attention and would be best with someone willing to spend some time training her since she is very smart. She learns quickly and would make a great obedience or agility dog.

She likes to play with other dogs, has great 'doggie manners', and is very interested in cats but has not chased them.

We met Ariel through Midwest Dog Rescue Network in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

For more information about Ariel, click here!

Meet Chachi!

Chachi and his sister Joanie are brand new and what cuties they are! Not much is known about them since they are new to the shelter.

They came from a gassing shelter in Ohio, and they think they are collie/wire-haired terrier mix. They are about 4 months old and should be a medium size when grown.

We found Chachi currently being cared for by Last Day Dog Rescue in Southfield, Michigan.

For more information about Chachi, click here!

Meet Lincoln!

Lincoln is supposed to be a pure bred yorkie per the commercial kennel he came from, but with his shaved coat, we are wondering if there might be some schnauzer in there????

Either way, he is a cute & very sweet boy & we are delighted to have him! :) Lincoln is easy to handle & doing well with his crate training.

We found Lincoln currently being cared for by Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group, Inc., in Mishawaka, Indiana.

For more information about Lincoln, click here!

Meet Simba!

Simba is a very friendly medium-sized mutt mix who has the markings of a Bernese Mountain Dog, though we don't know his background. He's a bit shy at first, but his sweet nature means that he'll probably just bury his head in your lap and wait for love.

We met Simba through Highland Lakes SPCA in Marble Falls, Texas.

For more information about Simba, click here!

Meet Peter!

Peter is a male bichon who was born on 03/01/08. He weighs 15 pounds. He was surrendered to Small Paws when his elderly owner could not care for him.

Peter is sweet and friendly. Children in the home must be aged 10 and over as he hasn't been observed with smaller children. He walks well on a leash. Peter is being fostered in Oklahoma. You may want to pick up a new Grohe faucet to fill up his water bowl, before taking him to his furever home!

We met Peter through Small Paws Rescue Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For more information about Peter, click here!