Meet Budda Gray!

Budda Gray is a two-month-old tan and white spitz/shepherd mix from Indiana. He and his littermates - Brandy, Gentle Ben, Barbie, Budda and Blake - were born on July 8th, 2009.

His Dad may have been pretty big because Budda is a stocky guy and very playful.

We met Budda Gray through the Shamrock Foundation Inc., in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Meet Molly!

Molly is an estimated 3 yr. old cinnamon rough coat female chow that weighs 43 lbs. She is very friendly and affectionate toward people and is truly one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She likes nothing more than licking your hand, rolling over to have her belly scratched or sitting on the sofa watching TV.

She gets along great with submissive male dogs, walks well on a leash and rides like the perfect little lady in the car. Molly has had entropion surgery, has completely recovered and is ready for her new home. She is being fostered in KY.

We found Molly currently being cared for by Chow Chow Rescue & Adoption in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Meet Berber!

Berber is a very handsome miniature poodle, about 9 years old. He was found as a stray, and is looking for a loving home where he can live out his golden years in comfort. Berber is a friendly, easy-going, pleasant fellow who will make a lovely companion.

We found Berber currently being cared for at the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana; the same shelter where I was adopted from!

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Meet Jackson!

Jackson is a young collie who is full of life and loves to show it! He's very active and outgoing, and loves running around the backyard and going on walks. He was picked up as a stray in rural Virginia so we're not sure about his age, but he's between 1 and 3. He was suffering from a serious skin condition which he seems to have mostly overcome, but he's receiving treatment until he is back up to 100%.

He prefers to have people around and will bark a bit when left alone or if he wants attention, but he quiets down quickly. He enjoys the company of other dogs and would do well in a home with a dog companion. He does have the tendency to jump, but he is a fast learner and would greatly benefit from training. Jackson would be a wonderful pet for an active lifestyle - running, agility, or hiking, Jackson is your boy!

We found Jackson through Collie Rescue, Inc., in Chantilly, Virginia.

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Meet Sunshine!

This is Sunshine, or Sunny for short. She's a great girl that loves to play, take walks and ride in the car. Sunshine doesn't shed much and is housebroken.

She likes other dogs and loves to sleep in her dog bed. She's up-to-date with routine shots, spayed/neutered and ready to go to her furever home.

We found Sunshine currently being cared for a foster family with Homeless Pets Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Meet Radar!

Five-month-old Radar is all terrier and all boy. He's called Radar because his normally laid back ears stick up antenna-like when he thinks something is going on that he's missing out on. Radar has a wiry golden coat and typical terrier high-energy, intelligence, enthusiasm and curiosity.

He loves other dogs, people (either the playing or cuddling kind) and just about everything that stays still long enough for his inspection. You will never again have a dull boring day with Radar in your life. His zest for life is contagious.

We found Radar currently being cared for by the Jackson County SPCA in Pisgah, Alabama.

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Meet Howie!

Howie is a purebred one year old Bernese Mountain Dog, born 5/7/08. He was surrendered to rescue by his owners who said they no longer had time for him. They had purchased him as an 8 week old puppy on impulse, from an Amish puppy mill operator.

Howie is just a delight!! Has absolutely no behavior issues at all. He is friendly to all, gentle with kids, playful with dogs and cats. Active but not hyper. Loves everyone. Walks well on a leash. He's working on housetraining and making good progress. He's a smaller Berner boy at about 24" tall and about 70 lbs., and would make a wonderful companion for any loving home.

We found Howie currently being cared for by Thirdtyme Rescue in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Meet Peanut!

Peanut is about as cute as they come! He is a sweet dog, and a pro on his crate training. He currently is working on leash training in his foster home, and he will benefit from having a fenced yard for potty time. His potty habits are great, but he does mark occasionally. A belly band and some brush up training in his new home should do the trick (also his upcoming neuter should help).

He is a little shy with new people, but once he warms up he is fine. He does not handle large groups of people well at all, so a home that is low traffic is a must. He knows how to come when called, and gives kisses! He loves to play with other dogs and snuggle up with his people. He would be a great addition to most families!

We found Peanut through Italian Greyhound Rescue Ohio in Liberty Township, Ohio.

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Meet Sophie!

Sophia is an unbelievably sweet and silly girl who we transferred from Chicago's Animal Care and Control. Her owner had tied her up outside of the shelter with old contact info on her tags, and when the person on the tags was contacted it was revealed that he had given her up years ago to someone else and didn't want her back.

There's something special about this girl that touches people's hearts. When she first joined NLOL, Sophia had entropion (rolled-in eyelids) involving her bottom eyelashes and terrible coat and skin. After some plastic surgery and a few weeks of quality food, she is doing great and can see without pain again! Sophia is a remarkably healthy bulldog mix and the only chronic issue she has is dry eye, which will require eye drops for the rest of her life.

Sophia loves to play with her boarding pals, but sneaks off to a corner for some quiet napping time when she's had enough. So far she gets along with just about everyone and would most likely do fine in a home with other dogs. We have not tested her with cats yet but would be happy to do so for a potential adopter. As Sophia is a more mature girl, she would probably be a decent fit for an adopter who works away from home. All she wants is a good belly rub and lots of hugs - easily provided before and after work!

We met Sophie through New Leash On Life Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

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Meet Snickers!

Meet Snickers, a fawn dobbie with natural ears and a docked tail. He's tall but not chunky. He was surrendered because his mom couldn't take care of him anymore.

He gets along OK with other dogs and cats, and is a little shy around men, but can learn to like them if they are nice (hint: treats help). If you can make room for a sweet, goofy Doberboy, Snickers sure like to come home with you. And, if you do, you'll be so happy we're sure you'll want to make a blog and create a website directory submission fur him!

We met Snickers through Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue in New Richmond, Ohio.

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Meet Morgan!

Watching this active fifteen year old Brittany trotting across the yard one would never suspect his life almost ended earlier this year. Morgan was surrendered to NBRAN when his owner had to go into an assisted living facility and he could no longer care for his dog.

Shortly after coming into foster care Morgan developed a blood clot in his spine and was found lying on the kitchen floor, paralyzed. He spent five days on IV`s and blood thinners and surprised everyone, including the Vet, by starting to walk again. Then he had a stroke which caused loss of mobility on his left side.
Morgan never gave up and today he has to be walked on a leash if he isn`t in a fenced area because he moves quickly and is interested in exploring everything he sees. He has a remarkable zest for life and loves people, other dogs, and even cats, having brought one with him when he moved from Pennsylvania.
2009 update: Morgan is now nearing his 17th birthday and although he is totally deaf, his eyesight is fine and he still is very active, eats his meals with gusto and a low warning growl to any dog who tries to swipe food from his dish.

We found Morgan through the National Brittany Rescue Network in Greenfield, Indiana.

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Meet Garfunkle!

Garfunkle is a 3 year old, 20 pound Bichon-Poo. He and his dad, Simon, were left at the shelter because the owners were too busy to ever play with them. Simon has since been adopted, but Garfunkle is still looking for his new home!! He is a very sweet and happy dog. Garfunkle loves people and loves attention.

He is good with cats and other dogs. Garfunkle is not a hyper active or overly energetic dog, but he does love to play and go for walks. Don't miss out on this sweetie!!

We found Garfunkle through the Rescue Farm in Poland, Indiana.

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Meet Buddy Berry!

Buddy Berry is 4-5 years old. His family decided that she just didn't want a dog any more, so Buddy is looking for a new home. Buddy gets along with dogs and cats, is housebroken, and a very pretty boy.

His previous owner shaved him for the summer, but his "summer hairdo" will grow back in quickly.

We found Buddy currently being cared for by Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc., in Delray, West Virginia.

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Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a beautiful Brittany Spaniel.

She has lots of energy and needs a home with a large fenced in yard for her to play in. She loves t o chase and play with other dogs, so a family with a playful young dog would be a plus. Lucy is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

We found Lucy through Community Animal Rescue Effort, Inc. (C.A.R.E.) in Columbus, Indiana.

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Meet Bear!

This uber gorgeous, 85 lb, long haired shepherd boy has been living at a boarding facility in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania for almost a year now. Prior to his life at the facility Bear had been raised on the country side where he had little interaction with both humans and other dogs.

Luckily, a master trainer came upon the scene and took such a liking to this majestic creature, that he trained Bear on his own time. Bear has gone through an intensive training program and is fully obedience trained both on and off leash and he even socialized him with humans and dogs. Seeing Bear’s transformation has been very rewarding.

We found Bear currently being cared for by friends of Stray From The Heart in NYC.

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Meet Spencer!

Spencer is a very sweet 7 yr old Basset who came to us from the Sutter County shelter. Besides being incredibly handsome he is very friendly, great with other dogs, children and seems fine with cats though he may chase them if they run. Spencer has nice long ears and big Basset feet.

He was clearly an outdoor dog before he came to GGBR but is really enjoying the comforts of an indoor home, in fact he much prefers to be indoors rather than out. His foster mom is currently working on his house training.

Spencer is Heart Worm positive and will be available for adoption once he completes his treatment. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines and is microchipped.

We found Spencer currently being cared for by the folks at Golden Gate Bassett Rescue in Petaluma, California.

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Meet Ivory!

This is Ivory, a 2 year old sheepdog, yellow lab, great Pyrenees mix. Ivory is lease trained and gets along very well with all size dogs. She was rescued from being euthanize and brought to a rescue organization.

Ivory is very quiet and enjoys being with people. Her coat is very thick so it would be nice that she become an inside companion. You'll want to take so many pics of her you may want to look into some online storage options!

Ivory is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

We met Ivory through AOHT's (All Our Hearts Together) Rainbow Bridge in Bonham, Texas.

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Meet Costello!

This very beautiful and very serious young man is Costello. About two years old, Costello is an American Bulldog/ pit mix. Costello was a bait dog. His body is covered with scars. His muzzle was taped shut, so he could not fight back when the other dogs attacked him. He has endured things most of us could not imagine.

When Costello came to Bark Ark, he was so afraid he couldn't walk- he had to be carried in and out. He was waiting for the next terrible thing to happen. Gradually he began to stand taller and walk and even play. He was beginning to believe he was safe.

Now he is in a loving and supportive foster home, and everyday is getting better for him. Costello is ready for a home, but a home that will understand where he has been and how far he has come; a home that will give him the chance to continue healing. If you have a big heart and a lot of patience, this sweet boy is waiting for you.

We found Costello currently being cared for by a foster home with Bark Ark Bully Rescue in Cincinnati , Ohio.

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Meet Emmett!

Emmett is a mellow, gentle, playful, loving and friendly one-year-old, 60-pound, American Bulldog looking for a new loving home. Emmett was living with a 20-year-old guy who joined the Navy; his poor mom is suffering from cancer and didn’t have the energy to care for a dog. Emmett was lucky to find a safe place with Lake Shore Animal Shelter, and even better … landed in a fantastic foster home.

Emmie gives plenty of tail wags and kisses, is playful, and friendly with other dogs … and good with dog-friendly cats. He already knows the commands sit, leave it, and give paw.

With a little more training, he’ll make a wonderful companion. Emmet is crate-trained and housebroken, does well with children – but does best with older kids who he can’t knock down in his happy enthusiastic manner. He loves to go for walks, and although he’s a strong boy – he is good on leash. In fact, when he’s in the mood, he brings his foster mom his leash so they can take a walk together.

Emmett loves to play with soccer balls, tennis balls, bones, and toys. His only fault is that he loves people, and other dogs so much, he’ll jump a fence to get to them. So, he should never be left unattended in the yard. He is extremely healthy, neutered, up-to-date on rabies and distemper vaccines, micro-chipped and heartworm-tested

We met Emmett through Petraits Pet Photography who helps rescues find loving homes in the Chicago, Illinois area.

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Meet Raion!

With a quick glance, a little woo and a kiss or two, this hunk wins hearts in record time. However, like many a star, Raion was down and out, until he caught a lucky break. This young boy has had a rough start in life but, his spirit remained strong, so he was named Raion which means Lion in Japanese.

Raion, who is only about 18 months old, was found as a stray in western Michigan. The county shelter had very limited funds and little could be done to find homes for the dogs. Lucky for Raion, he was spotted by a shelter volunteer. Despite being dirty and matted, she saw his inner beauty and character. Beneath the tangled mess was a charming, friendly boy who loved people.

A MARS volunteer offered to get him out of the shelter, someone on the East coast offered to pay for grooming and vetting, someone else in the Mid-Atlantic was willing to drive twelve hours if no one close by could save him, another volunteer offered to foster him. Raion was going to get a second chance. But he was going to need a major makeover; his coat was so matted and dirty that the only option was to have him shaved. He spent a few days at the clinic and quickly stole the hearts of the staff.

All that matted fur was hiding the fact that Raion had some problems with his rear legs. A tall boy, his back legs were very straight and his knees might have had surgery. We do not know for certain if he had surgery, but what we do know is that with good food, supplements and gentle exercise he is gaining some strength and building muscle and he won't need a quinny buzz stroller to get around. While he will not be an athletic Akita, he is a very happy and good lookin' Akita!

We found Radio currently being cared for by the Midwest Akita Rescue Society in Chicago, Illinois.

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Meet Wilbur!

Wilbur is currently with a rescue in Tennessee that has asked Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Nashville for help in finding him a home. Wilbur is a 2 year old lap dog. His foster Mom reports that he likes to sleep on top of the recliner when nobody is sitting there.

Otherwise he is in someone's lap or across the legs or in the sling that goes from the chair to the foot rest. Wilbur is about 15 pounds and is a handsome fellow. He has excellent indoor manners and will make someone a fabulous family pet.

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Meet Paddington!

Paddington, is a snuggle bunny. She is very loyal and wants to be with her human 24/7. Even though this sweet frail little girl is 18, her puppy or baby bear like face fools everyone into thinking she is a puppy. Paddington is deaf but has good eye sight. Because she is deaf, she does not bark. She is very smart and watches me & the other dogs in my pack for clues of what is going on.

Even though she is sharing a house with 5 other dogs, she would rather them not be around. So Paddington needs a special person who will love her to pieces till the end of her life without any other animals. Paddington has arthritis. But with Rimadyl every 12 hours, she walks almost without any indication she has joint pain.

Paddington's little tail wags more and more everyday. She is glad to be alive and lives for snuggling, kisses and my gentle doggie massages. If you think you are that special person who will shower her with love and affection and tend to her elderly needs, please consider Paddington.

We met Paddington through MidCities Humane Society in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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Meet Alece!

2 year old Alece was used as a breeder dog. She loves to run and play and is good with other dogs and people. Alece is learning to be housebroken (she has lived outside all her life). Alece will be spayed, shots given up to date and her teeth cleaned before adoption.

We found Alece currently being cared for by All Rovers Rescue Friends (ARRF) in Toledo, Ohio.

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Meet Kelsey!

Kelsey is a little bird. She simply cannot catch a toy unless she can get some air. She is nuts for Frisbees and any toy that can be tossed in the air. She is very agile and it is apparent that in her previous life, she’s had training. She sits, lays down, stays, and will give her paws. She even rolled over!

She is 100% potty trained and can be left in the house or yard with at least a 6’ secure fence. See, this girl can easily clear a baby gate or a 4’ fence from a stand still. She did this when she wanted to be with me instead of staying in a room by herself.

Kelsey mastered the doggie door on day one. She is very sweet and cuddly, but just loves to get busy and work those toys! She is very cute and wiggly and will chirp in excitement during play.

Kelsey is spayed, up to date on all vaccines, is microchipped, on heartworm and flea prevention.

She is being fostered in Sacramento area through Border Collie Rescue of Northern California Inc., in Castroville, California.

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Meet Iris!

Sweet Iris was found wandering near a busy highway -- which is especially scary in her case as she's almost completely blind -- Iris has PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). Her foster mom is already teaching her voice cues and says Iris is learning very fast how to get around even in unfamiliar surroundings.

She loves to go for car rides and meet new people, and is a sweet, affectionate girl who we estimate to be about 5 years old. Iris currently lives in southwestern Oregon.

We met Iris through Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc., in Southwest Oregon.

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Meet Willy!

Willy is a beautiful full blooded Red Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd with AKC Papers. He is five years old, current on shots and house-broken.

He loves people and is good with kids eight years and up. Willy knows lots of commands such as sit, speak and shake. He is crazy for tennis balls and will play fetch all day long. Willy is not yet neutered and will have to have this done within 30 days of adoption as per the rescue organization's contract.

Willy isn't good with other male dogs, he is an Alpha Male and wants all the attention and to be the boss. So an "only dog" home would be best.

We met Willy through Pawprints to Your Heart Rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Note: We know the Australian Shepherd was developed as a breed in the US, but how could we not include this cute fella during Aussie Week!

Meet Kioki!

Kioki is a sweet and active Australian Kelpie, 2- 3 years old and probably a little over 30 lbs. Kioki would do best with a dog playmate or two, and a large area to play in.

She is good in the house and does expect to be an indoor/outdoor dog. Kioki requires a fenced yard to keep her safe. Kioki is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered. The shelter does not typically adopt out of state.

We met Kioki through Kellen Rescue in Mariposa, California.

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Meet Mr. Pibb!

This wonderful little terrier is phenomenal! Descended from British terriers, his breed was originally known as the Broken-coated Toy Terrier. Originally this breed used to be only blue and tan in coloration, but shades of red were introduced following crosses with Cairn Terriers.

Mr. Pibb is about 9 months old with a height of about 10 inches and a weight of 10 lbs. His hair is red and black , typically hard and straight. He is an absolute sweetie. He will need a fenced backyard to run and play. He is not fully leash broken and will need a tad more socialization. He is young and in the best of health. He gets along very well with other dogs .

He is a tad bit skiddish initially but has incredibly endearing qualities. At the end of the day- he loves to stay close and cuddle. He is not yet housebroken because he has been kenneled outside. However, this would be easily accomplished because his preference is to do "it" outside . He can be crated without complaint. If you are looking for a loving, gentle family pet please give Mr. Pibb your utmost consideration.

We found Mr. Pibb currently being cared for by Homewood Rescue For the Wayward Hound
in Bivalve, Maryland.

For more information about Mr. Pibb, click here!

Meet Ross!

Ross is so cute and lovable. For his age he is so calm. He is a owner surrender. They couldn't afford to feed him any more. He was an out side dog and friendly.

He does well with smaller children on his leash for walks and takes treats slowly from your hand. He is 2 years old and is 40 lbs. Shots are up to date but is he not neutered yet.

We found Cooper currently being cared for by the Ark Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. in Howe, Indiana.

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Meet Fred!

Fred is a five year old Red Merle Australian Shepherd, he is neutered, up to date wtih vaccines and currently undergoing heartworm treatment. He is a medium sized male with a zest for life, he can be pushy with other males dogs at times but loves the ladies. Fred is well mannered in the house but does not like to be confined to a crate.

He came to rescue from a shelter and had never been exposed to much in his previous life, his first car ride was a frightening experience for him, since coming into foster care he has learned new things and loves to ride. Fred loves people and enjoys being with them and getting lots of attention. He is a stunning dog, his coat is thick and full and he enjoys brushing. He does have a previous eye injury that does not impair his vision.

Fred will require a home with Aussie experience and one that will help Fred to overcome some of his previous fears. Since he has not been exposed to small children we recommend a home wtih other dog savvy children for him.

We found Fred currently being cared for through a foster home with Georgia Aussie Rescue Placement Helpline in Hinesville, Georgia.

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Note: Yes, we know that the Australian Shepherd was developed in the US, but how could we not include this handsome fellow in our Aussie Week rescues?

Meet Sarah!

Sarah Killikelly is a sweet girl who’s ready for better days. Sarah is a 5-year-old, 11-pound Australian Terrier. She arrived at SmallDog Rescue in a sizable group of dogs released by a big out-of-state breeding operation.

She came shaved down from head to toe, which suggests her coat was probably matted and dirty far beyond a brush-out. It is easy to tell that, when it grows out, she is going to be one gorgeous little Terrier. Sarah’s current foster family reports that Sarah loves to be around other dogs!

Sarah is a sweet, friendly, submissive, playful, and is well-suited for a home with other 4-legged pals. Now it’s up to us to make sure she understands that a happy, carefree life in a loving forever home is just ahead. No small children for Sarah Killikelly, please, now or in the future.

We found Sarah currently being cared for by SmallDog Rescue & Humane Society, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia.

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