Meet BayBay!

BayBay is a Border Collie mix that is sweet as can be. He is around a year old and about 35-40lbs. He is a very sweet boy that gets along well with dogs of all sizes and cats. He is a young boy that enjoys playing and just being loved.

Bay-Bay is doing great in his new foster home! He loves playing tug with his foster brother and enjoys romping in the backyard... boy is he quick! BayBay is interested in the cat but doesn't seem to show any signs of wanting to hurt her. BayBay is doing awesome with his basic commands (sit, down, out, stay) and hasn't had any accidents in the house.

He is a playful puppy who just wants to be loved and while he's got puppy energy to spare, also enjoys curling up on the couch with you for scratches and pets. Bay-Bay is a great boy and would love for you to make him a part of your home.

We found BayBay through Paws of Tomorrow Rescue in Delaware.

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Meet Shadow!

Shadow was rescued out of a neglectful situation. Two young kids owned him and loved him until they got a new puppy. Then they decided he wasn't worth their time anymore. He got no attention except when he was tied on a short chain two times a day.

Now that he's in rescue, Shadow loves to go for car rides (especially if you go through the drive thru and grab him a burger). He enjoys playing with other dogs and actually helped 'save' his girlfriend, another foster dog, Phoenix.

He does need someone who devote time to him. He needs a lot of exercise and someone will discipline him and not let him get away with a lot. He will try to push you to see how far he can go. An experienced owner would be best. He does hang around the yard and not run off. Shadow just wants a home to call his own.

We found Shadow through Bully Breed Rescue in New Canaan, Connecticut.

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Meet Ezra!

Attention runners, bikers, and other outdoors enthusiasts-- Ezra has been waiting for you! This girl is a wonderful retriever mix that has been with the shelter for sometime now anxiously awaiting her forever home!

She's a great young dog that gets along with all people (including kids!) and dogs her size but would do best in a home without cats or other small animals. Her foster mom is currently taking her through an obedience class where she is learning some doggie manners to be on her best behavior on all of your adventures! She knows sit, shake, lay down, and she will wait patiently for her dinner until she gets the OK to munch away!

We met Ezra through Animal House (Dog Rescue) in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Meet Ivy!

Ivy is an extra-sweet and adorable female Papillon puppy. She is black and white with unique markings and the cutest "funny face". Ivy is full of life. She loves to play with other small dogs and with toys. While playing she has an endearing habit of regularly returning to her human to sort of "check in", get a pat and a "good girl", and then she's off to her doggy pal again for a game of tug or chase. She is very agile and loves to run fast, circling the yard and making herself a private obstacle course through patio furniture, potted plants, etc.

Ivy is 7-8 months old and very much still a puppy but she is not destructive and she is very well-behaved. She likes to please. She knows sit and stay and will easily learn new commands and tricks, as she is smart and eager. She is good on a leash. We're not sure how much socialization she had previously. She is a tad timid with strangers but not fearful.

This darling girl weighs 6-7 pounds now. She is lean and long. She has recently started growing her adult coat so we expect her to sport a nice, silky Papillon coat and especially cute "culottes" as a mature adult.

Ivy is an alpha female and in Papillons that means that she is not inclined to get along all the time with other female dogs or alpha males.

We found Ivy through Papillons and Playmates (PAPS) in Vista, California.

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Meet Snaggle!

Snaggle is the balancing icon of the famous frizzy haired beings - Phyllis Diller and Einstein. He's balances out the kookiness of Diller and the genius of Einstein with his sweet and centered happiness. This guy plays with all dogs bringing his sunny disposition, and nary a confrontation.

He cheerfully follows along at Fiesta Island, greeting all. Snaggle's hair totally says terrier, no? Well get this, no feisty edge typical of terriers, and he's not a barker. In addition to his good looks, he's got that adorable underbite.

How awesome can this sweet guy get? He hangs with his people, in a devoted and ready to help you out with anything attitude. If he put on a little tuxedo, he'd be the most sought after butler. And you may want to invest in some merchant services, and start to bottle and sell that devotion! Snaggle is good with kids, crate trained, and house trained; he's two years old and weighs about 15, 16 pounds.

We found Snaggle through The Barking Lot Rescue in San Diego, California.

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Meet Flakes!

Flakes and pal Lucky - what a pair of sweet angels! They were found wandering on their own in Southern California and were taken to a shelter. Through a network of local volunteers and long-distance transporters, they made their way to safety at the Sanctuary and now only await a forever home. You'd be so lucky to get Flakes and Lucky, you'd wanna celebrate with cigars!

They are incredibly sweet and healthy after a period of neglect. We believe they may be a mother & son pair or brother/sister; but they're obviously related. They're great with everyone and everything and deserve the opportunity to share their love for the many years they have ahead of them. They only need a family now; is it yours?

We found Flakes and Lucky through Pyles Of Smiles, Inc., in Cottonwood, California.

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Meet GiGi!

This is GiGi. She is about 7 years old. She is fantastic with the children and has taken a basic obedience class to work on improving her leash behavior. She's not fond of other female dogs, maybe because she lived at a monastery of nuns for 5 years and was the only girl dog.

Gigi walks ok on a leash (she is working on that) and just loves her human friends. If you are looking for a very sweet girl and will allow her to be part of your family it would be great!

We found Gigi through Valley Dogs in Gilbert, Arizona.

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Meet Jason!

Jason is a happy, playful, social fella who is eager for attention. He is about 7 months old. He loves walks and car rides. He loves anything that involves him being with his people and meeting new people. He is very smart and learns fast. He is good with other dogs and will try to be friends if they will be with him.

The other part of his Pyrenees mix is most likely from a herding breed as he is more active then a typical Pyr this age. He needs a large yard and a lot of exercise with an interactive family. He is a guardian and will bark away intruders, be they real or imaginary.

Adjustment to a residential neighborhood would be forthcoming, but it would take time and patience because of his alertness to everything in his surroundings. A country setting would be ideal.

We found Jason through Ozark Dogs in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

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Meet Bruno!

Bruno is a 4-year old neutered male shepherd/chow mix. He is a very sweet and energetic boy who is good with kids. He loves attention and he is well behaved indoors.

Bruno would fit in well with a family with other dogs. He is an awesome playmate outside and excellent snuggler inside.

We found Bruno through the Seward Animal Shelter in Seward, Alaska.

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Meet Skittles!

Fun-loving, foot-loose and fancy free is how we describe Skittles. Skittles is the class clown and a delight. She is a sweet, loving, intelligent, playful, very beautiful, spayed, female Beagle. She is heartworm negative, current on her all her shots, on flea and heartworm preventive, house trained; crate trained, and dose well in her obedience and leash training.

Skittles has a soft coat and tons of personality. Skittles loves rope toys, hoofs and treats but would rather be in your lap o r close by to her people. She is a peacemaker and friendly with other dogs, kids and people but will alert you to a visitor or trespasser. Skittles needs a home with another dog for her to play with and people who will walk her, play with her, cuddle with her and enjoy her comedic endeavors.

We met Skittles through SOS Beagle Rescue in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Duncan!

We're turning this blog post over to...Duncan!

Hello Everybody! My name is Duncan. I am large, around 70lbs, but I'm a gentle giant. I love loungin' around and takin' it easy. I do love to get out and play with my roommate Coconut and she is a fun little red pit bull mix.

When I came to the shelter I was really skinny and had lots of fleas. The animal control officer picked me up in the parking lot of the hospital. I was really bad off and was trying to get admitted. Alax, it was only a human hospital. Everything is fine now. The nice folks at the shelter fixed me up and now I can't wait to get a nice family of my own.
We know Duncan would fully enjoy playing Wii with you! So what are you waiting for? Duncan is currently being cared for by Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter in Gonzales, Texas.

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Meet Howie!

Howie is an adorable mix of Beauceron. He is approximately two years old and as loving as can be. Howie is shy but wants to please people, very affectionate and trusting.

Howie is a snuggle bug who like to give gentle kiss and needs a gentle soul who will work with him and give lots of love. He is crate trained and good with other dogs, but a little leary with small children.

We found Howie currently being cared for by the Josephine County SPCA in Grants Pass, Oregon. All he needs is some Titan luggage and he's good to go :).

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Meet Jay!

This adorable little guy came in to rescue on October 15th of this year as a stray. He is so adorable and look at those ears.....sooo cute!

Jay is very sweet and playful. He has an awesome disposition. He will make a wonderful, loving addition to the family and you won't need a student loan to adopt him! Don't miss out on this little angel. Jay will be available on November 21st just in time for Thanksgiving!

We found Jay currently being cared for by the Norco Animal Shelter in Norco, California.

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Meet Kleo!

Kleo has had a very hard start in life. She was adopted as a puppy to a family then given away through a free ad on the internet to a family that didn't have anytime to walk her.

They surrendered her to the humane society, where she was very, very fearful of all of the sounds and smells, so she hid in the corner. A rescue group took her in and now she is a very sweet loveable girl.

She would like nothing more than to snuggle with you with and an electric blanket. Kleo is currently being cared for by Hopes Haven in Salem, Oregon.

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Meet Sara!

Sara is a lovely girl, who looks very much like a short haired collie..but we think she's a mix, and may have another herding breed in her ancestry - perhaps German Shepherd or Belgian Tervuren?

Whatever her pedigree, she's a beautiful dog who is waiting for a loving family to come and claim her as their own. Come see Sara, perhaps take her for a stroll around the shelter grounds. She might just be the perfect dog for you!

We found Sara currently being cared for by the SPCA in Cattaraugus County in Olean, New York.

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Meet Ivan!

Ivan is a beautiful 6 year old Akbash or white Anatolian boy with light tan spots. Everyone that meets him is in love!

He was originally strictly kept outside with goats, but was sold since he “played” too much with the goats . He has been with chickens and he did fantastic. He is also good with cats and another female Anatolian. He loves people and craves attention. He would do best as a hobby farm dog, as he does like to do his bark when out at night every hour or so to “warn the enemies” that he is around.

Ivan needs to be contained in a fence that he is not able to climb. He walks on a leash and can now climb stairs, but is fearful still if you raise an object or a hand to him. He still does not like to take food from your hand, but will, and his rescuers have broken him of guarding his food.

We found Ivan currently being cared for by The National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network in Queen Creek, Arizona; although Ivan is located in Vermont.

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Meet Leo!

Leo is a male, approximately six years old. He is a big teddy bear - a family dog: he had never been away from his family. But sadly they left him at the shelter.

Leo loves to go on walks, his tail won't stop wagging when he sees you grab his leash! He also likes to sit down and cuddle with his body against your legs while being massaged, loves to give kisses and, even though he is a little older than the average dog who gets adopted, he acts like a big puppy as he rolls on his back and teases you to rub his tummy.

He loves baths and he isn't afraid of the water hose. If you love teddy bears, you will adore Leo!

We found Leo currently being cared for by Canine & Kitty Co-op in Long Beach, California.

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Meet Rowdy!

Not much is known about Rowdy, but he is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

We found Rowdy currently being cared for by the folks at PAWS in Woodville, Texas. Here's a little about them...

They are currently working to find a place to call their own and are actively seeking land to house their shelter. If you, or someone you know from the Jefferson/Hardin/Tyler County (TX) area, would be interested in helping us realize their dream, please contact them.

They are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with tax exempt status from the IRS, so donations of land will be tax-deductible at the end of the year. They have placed many animals utilizing their foster program. Just imagine what we could accomplish as a community with a central shelter facility!

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Meet Prissy!

Prissy is a very smart hound dog mix. She might be part Blue Heeler which would make her even more intelligent. Prissy has been a house dog and is well behaved in the home.

She loves all people and is good with other dogs too. Prissy is sweet, friendly, outgoing, well behaved and has lots of energy to play and play. She would make a great companion for any family...she is a great "dog" park kind of dog as well. She loves the outdoors and she is a happy dog all the time.

We found Prissy currently being cared for by 4 Paws Society in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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Meet Flopsy!

Flopsy is from a puppy mill that was "downsizing". She is between 2 and 3 yrs old, best guess, and has some friendly attention. She is shy with strangers, but once knows you, she is very affectionate.

Flopsy was named because her ears do not stand up, they "flop over". She is turning out to be very playful and fun loving. Her rescuers have had her spayed and she is ready to go. I bet she would love a trip to South Carolina for a vacation with you and stay in a nice myrtle beach condo rental!

We found Flopsy currently being cared for by OzWescue of Kansas in Topeka, Kansas.

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Meet Rusty!

Rusty is a 13 week old aussie pup. He is doing great on his house training and loves attention from people and other dogs. Rusty is the product of poor breeding and has some vision problems.

He gets around just fine, though, and is looking for a pet home who will love him and play with him! Be sure to check out Rusty's Page for more info on his vision.

We found Rusty currently being cared for by Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota in Rockford, Minnesota.

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Meet Goose!

Goose got his name from when he was a baby. His back legs were very weak. His rescuers have worked with him for months and feel he is ready for a new home.

Goose is a very active dog who needs to go to a home that is committed to training and working with him and who has a lot of time to spend with him.

He is loving and great but a puppy that just needs some training.

We found Goose currently being cared for by Sanctuary Animal Refuge in Clewiston, Florida.

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Meet Thomas!

Thomas is a sweet 8 year old chow / husky mix who is about 70 pounds and has a blue tongue and an adorable underbite! He was living in an outdoor rural shelter, but is now in a foster home in the DC area waiting to find a loving person or family to adopt him.

Thomas was outside for so long that he'd forgotten the simple things but is enjoying them again - riding in a car, sleeping on a dog bed, lounging in front of a warm sunny window.

Thomas is a sweet pup who gives lots of kisses and likes being around his foster mom. He loves being outside - going for long walks or spending time at the dog park but is pretty mellow indoors - curls up on the floor or chews on a toy. He can be intimidated when meeting new people indoors but is getting used to it. Thomas gets along well with other dogs but is probably a little too interested in cats. Thomas has lots of love to give - maybe Thomas is the right match for you and your family!

We found Thomas currently being cared for by Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Inc. in Virginia.

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Meet Emily!

Emily is a little 5 pound orange Pomeranian. She’s a senior, probably 11-12 years old. Although rescued from the shelter as a stray, she was clearly was someone's pet; she is housetrained and she's used to being spoiled. She is loving and affectionate and melts into your arms when she's picked up.

Emily is not terribly demanding but does like being hand fed. She’s very much a lady; delicate and dainty but not too shy or weak. She’s an older dog, but is still vital, engaged and engaging. Emily is mostly deaf and has cataracts but neither condition affects her negatively.

We found Emily currently being cared for by the Bill Foundation in Beverly Hills, California.

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Meet Link!

Link is a busy body, always moving, always doing something. Not fearful at all, Link is a confident, friendly, well-adjusted dog. He is extremely food-motivated and will seek out any tasty treats you may have (counters and tables are not off-limits for him either yet, so he will need some training in that area)/

We found Link currently being cared for by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia.

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Meet Grace!

Gracie is the kindest soul. She is just a sweet old lady that came in feeling a little under the weather. She was underweight and didn't eat well. But she's better now, even though eyes are a bit cloudy because of her age. She still has quite a bit of zip.

She likes to go on walks and loves to cuddle on her bed. She dreams a lot because you will see her chasing squirrels in her sleep. And since she needs to gain some weight, she sure won't need any best diet supplements, that fur sure, BOL!! She is great with cats and dogs. Please come take her home for her retirement!

Grace is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

We found Grace currently being cared for by the Colorado Animal Rescue in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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Meet Misha!

Misha is approximately two years old and weighs twenty pounds. She walks nicely on a leash and knows basic commands. This gorgeous girl would do well in a family with older children that would commit to strolls around the block and a lot of TLC.

We found Misha currently being cared for by Glendale Humane in Glendale, California.

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Meet Champagne!

Little Champagne was rescued from an over-crowded shelter where she was a favorite among the shelter staff. They described her as "an effervescent, sparkling, & bubbly girl, that captures anyone's heart", and this little girl is very special. She is 4 years old and weighs 12lbs.

She was rescued on the day she was to be euthanized because she developed pneumonia and the shelter could not properly treat her. As of 9/21, she was taken to the vet, treated with medication and hospitalized. She is looking for donations to help with her mounting vet bill. Please help us with this wonderful dog. She is now safe in a foster home and recovering nicely.

Champagne seems to be getting along with confident cats that are not skiddish around dogs. So if you have a home with cats, it really depends on your cat's personality whether it's going to run, or take charge.

We found Champagne currently being cared for by Dogs Without Borders in Los Angeles, California.

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Meet Nala!

Nala is a cattle dog mix. She is a young adult, probably not much more than a year old. She is a bit unsure of people when she first meets them, but warms up pretty quickly. Nala is a fairly large girl, about 50 pounds.

You'll be having so much for taking videos of Nala, you'll probably want to get monitor mounts so you can appreciate her on the big screen! Nala is curious and energetic. She would probably do best in a family where she would be included in some of the family outings. If you like long walks or hiking in the woods, maybe Nala could be your partner.

We found Nala currently being cared for by the Flora Shropshire Animal Shelter in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

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Meet Buddy!

Buddy is one of those heartbreaking stories that we are hearing more often every day. Sadly, his owner has suffered a foreclosure and he cannot take his dogs with him to the place he must now move to. Toby and Buddy have been with him nearly all their lives and must now try to find new homes.

Buddy is a 45 lb. beauty that is alert and attentive and watches you closely with every move you make. He is very people friendly , dog friendly and doesn't give a hoot about cats. He walks like a dream and let us trim huge mats of hair off of him the first time we met him. He's free of fleas, so he won't need any dip machine. A beautiful dog that 10 years old, but acts half of that. Active and sweet he deserves better than what he has now.

We found Buddy currently being cared for the by Franklin County Humane Society in Brookville, Indiana.

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