Animal rescue and disaster relief efforts expected following Haiti earthquake.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all of those effected by the massive earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday, January 12th.

Concentrated efforts are being reported to bring aid, relief, medical care and any needed assistance to those so greatly impacted by this horrific tragedy.

The immediate priorities are for the humans affected and we are getting reports that  Search and Rescue dogs from all over the World are being mobilized to help in search and rescue efforts of the thousands of missing in the disaster area.

One of the easiest ways to donate to help humans in need is to text the word "Haiti" to 90999 to immediately donate $10 (which will be deducted from your phone bill). Or you can visit the American Red Cross website to donate funds.

We are also hearing reports that beginning as early as next week, a wide variety of animal disaster and rescue groups will be mobilizing to help companion and farm animals in need.

Here are several links you can follow for updates on animal rescue efforts over the weeks to come:

Animals in Disaster Blog World Society for the Protection of Animals
International Fund for Animal Welfare
American Veterinary Medical Association and their AVMA Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams
Humane Society of the US
Human Society International

We will continue to update this post as new information progresses.

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