Meet Beagle Bob!

Say hello to Bob the Beagle! Sure, it looks like he's challenging you to a staring contest, but that's just Bob...a lovable and somewhat quirky beagle. Bob came from our local animal shelter, and we think he's a young adult (2-3 years old). No telling how his story began, but we know how it will continue from here - with a permanent home and some human friends to call his very own!

Bob is a pretty easy going guy. He likes people and is being fostered with another dog and cats. He's got a pretty cute party trick, too, which is bunny hopping on his back two legs when he gets really excited about something.

Bob walks on leash, is crate and potty trained and ready for that special someone to settle down with...could that be you?

We met Bob through Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership, Inc - ARPO in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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