Meet Chewy!

Chewy is a wonderful, 3 year old tiny Pom that is reported to be mixed with German Spitz. He measures 10 inches high at the shoulders and weighs about 10 pounds (he needs to lose a little)! His owner had to turn him in because her mother was sick and she needed to move to Maine to care for her.

Chewy is very friendly with people and dogs although he would prefer to be an only child. He is very protective of his owner and will bark and act aggressively when with his human if anyone or another dog approaches. Once he is used to his family or pack, he seems to settle down and "allow" others to approach.

He looks like he'd love to take to the open road, but be sure and look into a pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney, BOL! He loves to go in the car and on walks and walks well on leash. Choo-Choo's perfect home would be with a single person without any dogs who is active and likes to go on frequent walks and trips.

We found Chewy through ResQ Animal Coalition in Redding, California.

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