Meet Jake!

Jake is a handsome little fellow who came to rescue from the Easton shelter...he was a bit too rambunctious for them to adopt out. He was misidentified as a cocker spaniel/shih tzu mix.

He is 5 1/2 years old, He has a long, smooth coat, droopy ears, and a long tail that waves around and constantly signals his mood, which is usually happy, and mostly expectant. He is pretty set in his ways and a little headstrong. He's quite playful, and has made lots of friends with whom he romps around and wrestles, and never has a tussle developed into a nasty disagreement. I would be cautious with him, but he's a great dog and if his ego is respected, you would have a wonderful companion.

He weighs in at 17 1/2 lbs. He's in great health, up-to-date with shots, and well house trained as far as we can tell. I imagine he'd investigate and maybe tease cats, but he wouldn't attack them. He lives with a great many dogs, and there has never been any fights.

We found Jake through Small Dog Rescue in Princeton, New Jersey.

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