Meet Olive!

Olive is a Bassett/beagle mix. She has been in long-term foster care since May of 2007. She'd make a wonderful addition to your family and you could even send out baby girl announcements after adoption!

Olive is being fostered in Frankfort Kentucky. Here is what her foster mom says about her:

"Olive is extremely loving, and loves attention; but she needs a home with no cats. There can be no room for cats in Olive’s life which is the reason Olive needs to find her forever home. Her front legs are deformed and she becomes extremely agitated if you try to clip her nails or touch her feet. She has no mobility problems from the deformation. She is very fast and can easily jump to heights of 2-3 feet. She is approximately 35-40 pounds and rarely barks.

She loves walks and when she is off-leash at a farm, she behaves more like a beagle as she runs and sniffs for small critters. She loves finding stuff to roll in when she is at the farm and adores being dirty but she will tolerate baths so that she is allowed inside. She knows basic commands and comes when she is called although when you call her inside she behaves as if she is in trouble. I believe she is 6-7 years old. I think she was the only resident in her past home as she is an alpha dog around my younger dogs. She tolerates other dogs but doesn’t play a lot with them."

We found Olive through Owen County Friends of Animals, Inc., in Owenton, Kentucky.

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