Meet Toni!

This little girl is quite the pip, and she doesn't think she is little!

Toni was picked up running at large with her friend Chaz (the rescue will allow them to be adopted together or separately) and from their behavior and condition, I would guess they were breeder dogs from a puppy mill type situation.

Toni has a lovely temperament, is sweet and forward, wants to be with her person, is good with cats (that do not run) and other dogs.She is crate trained, and appears to be housebroken.

Toni loves to play with big dogs. She enjoys chase and wrestling, and will pick up a ball, although does not engage, she just carries it around.

While small, Toni is not a 'lap dog'. I do think she would enjoy sitting with her person while watching tv, but she adores being outside and would make an excellent companion dog for someone who hikes or walks, or gardens...Toni is not a wanderer, but should be leash walked outside of a fence.

We found Toni through Mid-Atlantic (Kent County) Border Collie Rescue in Chestertown, Maryland.

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