Meet LouLou!

Loulou has so much personality. She is a cuddler, a kisser and wants to be near you. She "smiles" and is so happy when she sees you.

Loulou went through a lot but never lost her spirit. She stole the heart of an animal control officer who wanted her life saved. Loulou completed her heartworm treatment. She also got a dental cleaning done since her previous owner never spent a cent on good food or any medical for this girl.

Oh, she is a Diva!!! She is great with other dogs and is good with cats (if they don't run she will leave them alone). She does not like small furry animals like rabbits and chickens. She's active so you won't have a need for the most effective diet pills, BOL!

We found LouLou through Forever Homes in Kempner, Texas.

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