Meet Rex!

Rex is a 24 pound, ~ 2 year old, male, Fox terrier/Whippet mix, he is mostly white with a brown head and one large black spot in the middle of his back.

Rex has a very sad story. He was rescued from a flea market where his 'owners' were leaving him as they left town. Rex had been kept in a very small box for almost a year. He was being starved nearly to death so he would not 'mess' the box, so there is no way you'll need to check out! When he was first rescued, he walked like a spider, and his back was crooked.

With plenty of good food and exercise, Rex is recovering well, his muscles are getting strong and his back is straightening. He may always stand with his back held lower then other dogs, but, he will always be the happiest dog in the world! Rex is still learning about many things,but he is leash trained, house trained and sits on command. He loves all dogs, cats and children. He will need a patient, loving owner to complete his recovery and keep him safe forever.

We found Rex through the Humane Society of Randolph County in Asheboro, North Carolina.

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