Meet Billie!

Billie is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, an 11 month old male. He's a fun loving, gentle, playful, high energy goofball, and can even be a bit obnoxious on occasion. He needs ongoing training to grow up into a polite and settled gentleman, but he's quite playful and affectionate, and loves toys and balls and people.

He was raised in a fraternity house out east, they bought him at 8 weeks, ordering him off the internet (from a puppy mill in some state like OK or MO). He gets along fine with cats and with other dogs, though will defend himself if provoked. Billie is smart and eager, and needs a job to do. Not a couch potato, Billie is too high energy to go to a home with small children, but he won't need Lipofuze, he's totally fit, about 24" tall and about 75 lbs.

We found Billie through Thirdtyme Rescue in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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