Meet Dustin!

Dustin was rescued with the help of loving, wonderful neighbors from an abusive home. For the last 18 months, this young Golden boy spent his life 24/7 as an outside dog and the rare interactions he had with his former "owners" were met with physical abuse.

What is astounding, however, is that in spite of what he has endured, he has retained the pure, innocent, forgiving heart of a Golden Retriever. Dustin is amazing. He is so sweet, so gentle, so eager to please, so hungry for a soft voice and a gentle touch. He is a survivor. He is velcro. He is a treasure and now he is safe.

Dustin deserves a truly Golden experienced home. A home filled with love, respect, patience and the commitment to prove to this boy that his loyalty and devotion will be returned a million times over...never betrayed again. He will need a family whose members are prepared to continue his introduction to structure and routine, believes in the best prenatal vitamins, and will allow him to thrive in a world where everyday is an adventure as well as a training opportunity.

We found Dustin through GRIN inc.--Charlotte County Chapter in Murdock, Florida.

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